Trouble with Raspberry Pi connection and initial setup

Hello All. I haven’t been able to setup and connect my Lightburn Raspberry Pi and haven’t been able to find any answers in the archives.

I’m trying to connect a Thunder Nova with a Ruida RDC6442G controller. Running a MacBook Pro OS Big Sur 11.2.3. Set the laser IP address as per instructions.

Plugged in, powered up, connected via ethernet cable and still not seeing the Pi on my network so can’t get past go. Any help would be appreciated.

Try this thread and see if it helps…

I have the bridge, but I’m on a Linux Ubuntu box…


Is this a LightBurn Bridge that you purchased from LightBurn or is this a Raspberry Pi that you setup for yourself?

Have you gone through the process of flashing the Bridge image to an SD card?
Advanced Usage - LightBurn Software Documentation

This is a LightBurn Bridge that I purchased from LightBurn.

Okay, to be clear you will not see the Bridge on your own network until you have it setup. It will first be broadcasting as its own Access Point, something like “LightBurn Bridge E4B7” that you need to connect to. Have you done that?

Can you go through each step of the instructions and take a screenshot at each point and then post them here if you continue to have issues with this?

Can’t get past step #2

So essentially you’re not able to see the Bridge as an Access Point.

Do you have a monitor or TV that you can plug the Bridge into? It will help determine the status of the Bridge. You may need to power cycle the Bridge after plugging in.

What’s the proximity of your computer and the Bridge? You need to be within wifi range. The closer the better.

Less than 10 feet. I have my laser in the garage and bring my laptop into the workspace so always in the same room. I’ll try plugging the Pi into my TV and report back.

Plugged into the TV but not sure what’s supposed to happen next.

Do you get anything on the screen?

Something like this?

Take a picture of the screen.

I get nothing. And, though the TV has an ethernet port, ethernet is not a source option on my TV.

With the tv (monitor) attached to the HDMI output, it will show the boot process and ensure you are booting properly.

Looks like it’s up by the screen…


Hmm. When I power down the Pi I did get a message on the screen that said, “Network Cable Disconnected”.

Okay. Got this…

Do you have OBS installed on the computer?

If not, how is the video handled on the Mac?


Don’t know what OBS is and video is handled by…pushing the play button? I’m guessing? As you can tell, I’m not much of a techie. That’s why I paid the extra for the LightBurn Pi hoping for plug-and-play. Sorry, I’m not more literate but I’m standing by awaiting your instructions. A search of my hard drive does not indicate that OBS is installed on my machine, if that helps.

Is your network in the range of If so, it looks like the Bridge is already connected to your network. You should be able to move to the next step in configuration.

I’m sorry, I got your question confused with another trying to implement a camera and that involved OBS… So ignore my comment…

In the device setup I thought there was a place to enter the Pi’s address in Lightburn…


So, the next step in connecting to No luck there.

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