Update for the xtool S1

When is the update going to happen to get rid of the triangle cutting instead if the square? I can ungroup and then cut the square out does it correctly but when i add engraving to the mix it cuts the triangle insteadnof a square

Hi Tim.

Currently the team is working on a 1.7 version that addresses specifically Xtool S1.
The Beta is public so you can give it a try and also report any issues you might find.

All feedback is good as not many people own S1s and use Lightburn yet

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I don’t see a device button just a devise settings

Device button is on the Laser Panel the same that has the START button

Well does cut the squares but messes up the actual project size

Hi Tim, Could you explain a bit further your problems
And/or share screenshots/project LBRN so we can fully understand the issues?

It changed the size of the project I’ve been
working on to this the middle slot is suppose to be 5mm

This is what I’m supposed to be
Here’s another job messed up

It frames out like it’s suppose fit but this happens
How can I go back to the 6 version and get rid of the 7? The 7 is messing my stuff up and can’t get jobs done due to it resizing my stuff

Here’s another issue it frames out like it’s will fit but it messed up

Itnonly printed half of it due to the size being wrong I’ve tried to download 6.0 again and also went back to 5.3 and still does the same thing
How do I get this to work correctly

I’m using a Apple mac

Will it show 1.7 on top of the screen

This thing is really messed up now power settings set to 10 and speed is about 50 and wants to burn board which is very thin reason for low power and high speed when I push the stop button it don’t stop keeps going i have to hit the emergency stop button to make it stop I’m not a computer guy unless its plan and simple which sometimes thats hard for me

Hi Tim,
Can you send screen shots of the full screen of your Lightburn window, the cut settings you are using for your project and a picture of the results. I think something is set wrong somewhere.

I’m adding this screen shot link since you said you aren’t a computer guy. Hopefully we can get you squared away.



When I do the project I’m engraving and cutting is when it cuts the triangles but if I don’t engrave hide it it cuts correctly

Ok, None of these are full screen screen shots so I cant actually see what I needed. But your last post tells me that you did not create a new device following the directions in the post that @gilaraujo provided so that you would be using our new xTool Device type, and you are still using a GRBL based device.

Please follow this link and follow all of the steps in the first post to create a new device. Or you may load the .lbdev file I provide at the end of the first post if you are using a 40w module.

If you follow the steps and choose the new device you create your device icon at the bottom of the laser control panel should look something like this.

Once that is correct we can go back to troubleshooting.

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The bottom had devices usb connections and xtool I redid it and used xtool s1