Updated to 0.9.24, Lost my layers / cuts profiles

As the title states I update from 0.9.23 to 0.9.24 and lost all my layers / cuts profiles. The panel is there and visible but they no longer have my values that I’ve applied to each layer. All the layers read 100 spd and 20 pwr. All my dialing in had been done and saved to there previously. I desperately need it back. please help. I am a noob when it comes to this laser stuff so bare with me .

I just tested this using both LBRN and LBRN2 formats and I am not seeing an issue, things work as expected. :slight_smile:

LightBurn will use the saved settings from your file when you ‘Open’ that file. If you ‘Import’ the file instead, the ‘current settings’ in LightBurn are unchanged. All shapes will inherit the current settings from each color matching layer. Could this be what you are seeing?

seems like this may be the case. so if i cant save my tools, or cuts or whatever one calls them, in the layers where should i do so? i need them to carry over with each job

No - no, you can save, load and reuse setting several ways, I think this is more about knowing what options you have and how they behave. You can set Defaults for a Layer, you can load layer settings from a file, you can save settings to a ‘Material Library’ for recall at any time. You have options. :wink:

Materials Library reference:

Just “Open” your LightBurn project files, don’t “Import” them - that’s used for importing one project into another one.

The material library that Rick linked is a good way to store settings for a variety of materials. We have docs for it here: Material Library - LightBurn Software Documentation

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