Upgrade controller suggestions/tips

I currently have a redsail China with a topwisdom controller. I’ve been using it for past 3 or 4 years without any issues. Only gripe has been topwisdom. As a mac user I’ve always had to design in AI on the Mac. Then import to corel draw on Windows then convert then import to autolaser. A lot of unnecessary steps.

It appears lightburn can handle most designs. So am wanting to upgrade my controller to the RDC6442 or RDC6445. What is the difference if any? Looks like the 6442 is what everyone uses. Has anyone converted from topwisdom to Ruida? Any issues. I’m guessing I can just copy all settings from my topwisdom to my RDC and everything should work.

Planning to have the controller networked. And have it control my air assist. Currently controlling that manually.

Hey there. The 6445 is basically an updated model of the 6442. I’m working on swapping my Topwisdom controller out with the 6445, so far it has been fairly easy. It is much easier if you can take pictures of the original set up and wire terminations on the Topwisdom so you can accurately transfer the wires. The Topwisdom website also has a machine manual that includes the wiring diagram if you need it. The best comparison of the 6445 and 6442 cards I have found was on the CloudRay website. I hope this helps.

Larger screen and nice numeric keypad. My quick Google search indicated it is only sold by Cloudray on their own website and various Cloudray Alibabba web stores.

“Notice: Ruida RDC6445S and RDC6445G are combined into a unified model: RDC6445G which supports Double-Head Linkage Function.”

Something to note - the outer dimensions of 6445G keypad module are physically larger than those for the 6442G and 6442S. 200 mm x 125 mm versus 170 mm x 120 mm. If you are using a 6445G to replace one of the 6442x series, make sure you have an installation “opening” large enough in your machine! If you plan to enlarge your current opening, make sure that even after installing the lip/edge of the 6445 will not get in the way of opening and closing the lid of the machine (classic red and black Chinese laser owners be aware!).

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Thanks all for the info.How did the upgrade go Laura. I’ve looked through all the menus on the current topwisdom and to be honest I don’t see a lot. Basically I can see some settings under the X, Y and laser. But not much else. I’m guessing it doesn’t need too much info. Couldn’t find anywhere on the topwisdom that tells it the home position is back right.

Hey Martin. We are waiting for a part to arrive before we can complete the upgrade. So far so good though. Doug is correct. With the laser we have I had to make the slot for screen a bit bigger and wiggle some stuff around to reduce interference to the door. However, due to the one part being missing I have put the 410 card back in so the laser can at least run small stuff. The homing position was difficult to find. I just used the setting that shows on the screen of the laser and set all my projects to start in that corner. Otherwise you get an “out of range” error and the laser gets a bit snarky. The Autolaser program that comes with the laser will have more settings. You may need to connect your computer to the laser to set all the configurations. Otherwise, there are a bunch of settings in the in the program itself that you can save to each file as you upload them to a flash drive. The most useful information I have is found here: http://web.nchu.edu.tw/~daw/Manual/Laser%20manualMS640DZ_60W.pdf Pages 55 and later.

Thank you all. Glad I asked. Especially regarding the size difference. I would have ended up with problems. I’m sure I’ll be back once I start the upgrade