Using Merge/CSV getting in consistent results

I am trying to make 24 chips each with a different word on them. I created some text with simply %0 as the content and slected merge/csv as text type. I created the 24 chips using the array function. I loaded a text file with a single text entry on a row in the variable text manager. (see image below. When I preview only some of the text fields are populated. Wtih the first word being on anywhere from the fifth to the tenth row. I am uploading several screenshots and the cvs file. If anybody can give me a clue how to fix thi I would greatly appreciate this.

useds.csv (266 Bytes)


You’re missing a comma at the end of line 11: “Atmosphere of Recovery”.

Thank you, putting the comma had no effect.

Can you upload the .lbrn file? I’m not able to reproduce the issue.

I gimmicked up a test layout with text in six rows of four columns.

Stripping all the commas out didn’t change the results, so the import function assumes whatever’s on the line must be the first field, with no need for a trailing comma field delimiter.

Having 19 lines in the CSV file and 24 chips in the layout produces the “unclosed shapes” error message: the CSV import sends empty text to the text generation function, which then falls on its face. Matching those two counts may require adding lines with dummy (not blank!) text to the CSV file or, perhaps, duplicating a few lines to get a few spare chips.

Some earlier discussions:

Also: “Finanaces” seems misspelled. I hate it when that happens when I’ve done so much proofreading and show it to somebody else, who instantly sees what I didn’t. :grin:

Here is the file and an updated csv file that have 24 rows.
topicchips.lbrn2 (171.5 KB)
24.csv (310 Bytes)

Even with 24 rows of text it still started at line 9 “Step Two”

The top left variable has an offset set to 8. So you’re basically losing the first 8 entries. Redo the grid or manually adjust the offset to correct.

Thank you that fixed it. I thought the offset did something else

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