What did I do? Suddenly "Start" is taking an exceptionally long time (to start)

Ruida 6445, Ethernet. Historically, Start instantly sends and starts the job (unless there was just silly levels of complexity in the design). Now even the most basic of jobs takes seconds. Scanning any sort of text, Start takes 15 seconds. If there is any level of complexity, it could be a minute or more.

Visually, it appears that LightBurn is stalling to even bring up the progress indicator. And then it will…

NEVERMIND… I figured it out. And it makes a lot of sense. It was the Ramp Length Setting. I completely get it. There’s a lot of post processing to build all of that. I accidentally left that on. :slight_smile:
I bet this helps someone else in the future (if anyone uses the search).

I need to add a ‘rasterizing shapes’ indicator to the progress bar…

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