What is VDD low, try restart

I seem to be running slow speeds and low power for a 20 & 30w neje. In other words it takes 4.5 hrs to run a 3x5 photo on bbaltic birch 500/80 318 dpi. This VDD

VDD low is the positive voltage that feeds the equipment.

It’s a measurement from the perspective of the control board and the message is relayed to LightBurn (probably in the console window)

4.5 hours for a photo at 500 mm/min and 318 dpi seems completely reasonable for a diode laser.

Why am having a power loss? VDD message is streaming in my console.

Can you show us what this looks like? You need to provide a bit more about what you are trying to accomplish and what you are observing, for folks to offer anything of real value back to you.

This is worth review, How To Ask For Help

and i also think that opening multiple posts will not help you obtaining an answer

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