Will Turn On, But Will Not Burn

I set up my new machine yesterday and successfully managed to do one test burn. How, though, I am uncertain.

This afternoon, my machine would turn on and go to the home position, but then it wouldn’t do anything after that. It would’t fire, it won’t move to a new origin position, it wouldn’t do anything. I googled and youtubed and searched a ton of facebook groups and reset and restarted and pulled my hair out, but none of those things were successful. I finally uninstalled LightBurn and reinstalled it and it finally worked for one burn.

This evening, it happened again. I hadn’t touched a single thing since it worked successfully this afternoon. However, this time when I uninstalled and reinstalled, it still didn’t work. The machine would turn on, frame, and go to the origin, but would not fire. I tried this numerous times and never got it to work.

I have to say that I am really frustrated and disappointed that this whole operation is not working properly. What should I do?

I am using a Mac with LightBurn.

Thank you very much!!!

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I have the same Issue :frowning:
Running the Frame=Laser OK
Press Start=No Laser


Hi Sarah,

Can you get it do this again?

The Console window will usually spit out an error message from the engraver to tell us what’s happening. If it’s happening often, it would be very valuable to some folks here to catch it and address it.

If the engraver doesn’t generate an error - it might not be communicating or it might not know that there is a problem - but that’s also good because that pins down what the problem could be.

Capturing the screen (or a chunk of the screen) with a screen capture tool can also help describe problems.

I’d like to walk through this and see what’s going on.

This might help with future requests.

Have you accidentally turned off ‘Output’ in the cuts/layers window?

I’m hoping @tigerlilyandtundra (Sarah) gets back to us with some troubleshooting responses, or lets us know that she got unstuck and reports back to help others.