Win 10 does not see the new camera from Lightburn

Hello. Is there a driver I need to install for my new camera from Lightburn? I have connected straight to USB on the laptop but device manager does not see it.
5MP 120degree
Toshiba I7 2.6GHz 16.0GB

Refer to

This is a Win 10 laptop and the drivers and Media Features pack should not be the problem. I was hoping there was a device specific driver.

How long is the USB cable? I had a problem with a 2m USB extension, but when I used a 75cm USB extension, my laptop detected the camera.

Hello. It is the shorter supplied cable. I connected to all usb ports on the pc but nothing. What type of cable is this? USB2 to??? Perhaps I can find a replacement.

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Any driver that is needed ‘Should’ be installed automatically by the operating system (Windows 10) when the hardware is detected on the USB port. Occasionally folks will grab and install a phone charging (power only) USB cable instead of the USB cable that came with the LightBurn Camera making the camera undetectable.

Next time, after a fresh restart, plug the camera into the Laptop and listen for the friendly Bonk-noise that Windows offers when a USB device connects. Also, watch for an alert from Windows showing that the camera connected. There are a few other things to check after this happens.

Please let us know if you get this far and then perhaps start on the following guide:

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