WIP WeCreat camera (unofficial)

Hi! I’ll be updating later today, but here’s a preview:
Using v4l2loopback module on linux and a quick python script, it achieves a good 3-4 fps, which is great for framing! Still need to work out how to handle different Z positions of the camera… calibrated at the highest point to test. The wecreat vision software has three levels of camera crop and I suppose it interpolates for different focal points.

Just an idea, if you calibrate at the lowest point, when you place your material it only needs to up Z ( to a limit) the height of the material, and always stays in focus.

Just tried it!

My issue is more with the crop being variable, so if I’m engraving a taller/thicker object, the image isn’t going to be aligned. Of course, since I re-aligned at a lower point, the image will be entirely visible as opposed to cropped if I work on something taller, but it still won’t really correspond to the XY plane in the workspace.

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Check out the WeBurn repo for the camera update! (here’s the post about it in this forum)

I’m using pyvirtualcam to make the frames available to LightBurn via a webcam - for windows, linux or mac, the docs say you can use OBS Studio (haven’t tried it - using v4l2loopback).

For linux users – if you have a recent python3 and v4l2loopback installed, you can just
cd camera/
and run
./setup.sh .
This will generate a venv and install the requirements.

After that, just
cd ..

Edit environment vars that are set in ./weburn-bridge.sh and then run

YMMV but feel free to try it out!
Remember to check out the weburn documentation - especially start and end gcode mods (don’t worry, it’s a trivial change)