Wish for software upgrade: Material library for multi- layers

Hi guys,

I would like to add one feature in wish list.
For me will be at big help to have material or project library that stores complete multi layer setup.
The flow could be:

  1. setting the optimal layers structural settings for needed tasks
  2. store this in library
  3. when I have the same project I call from the library complete layer structure with settings
  4. run it.

Feature Requests are always welcome. Look to the top right of this forum and you should see a menu link to our Feature Request site (or click the blue link ← I just typed).

But you can do this using a template file. This post is dated and does not include some of the recent additions, but the concept has not changed. Take a look at this and let us know if this workflow is what you had in mind:

And this more recent one, on the same subject:

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