Xtool D1 Laser plug

Does anyone out there have any idea what style of plug Xtool uses on the D1 laser head? Its a flat 8 pin connector. Apparently quite a few people have had issues with the wires breaking at the plug. I would like to try to get a new plug and figure out a solution. Please let me know. Attached are pictures of said plug. I appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you.

How far apart are the pins/sockets?
The pitch distance is a key factor in identifying JST connectors:

This seems reasonably comprehensive:

I believe it is a 2.0 spacing. Its 8 wire with a latch or lock in the middle. Has an orientation pertrusion on each side of the plug.

It seems that someone else had a similar problem.

I identified the connector as JST PH in the other post but that post didn’t show both sides of the connector. Looking at this post reveals that it’s most definitely not JST PH.

I’ve seen these type of connectors before but not sure what this is called. I don’t think it fits any JST variant, at least not exactly. Looks somewhat similar to JST VH but not quite.

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I like the reference to the JST XH in this article. The difference between 2.0mm and 2.5mm may be difficult to discern.

The trick I use with automotive connectors is to grab a 1/2 inch or 10mm wrench and see how many holes fit straight and square between the jaws.

You took some great pics there - thanks!
Can you take some pictures of the socket it plugs into?
We’ll help as much as we can.

I found another link with some more info.

It almost looks like Molex mini-lock.

this one maybe…

Thats some great information. I really appreciate the help. I spent an hour on the phone with Digikey Tech Support yesterday. I sent pictures but they couldnt match it. They were really nice and very patient with me and did all they could to help me. I received a replacement harness from Xtool but it is about 2 inches to short… go figure. If we can lock in on the plug I will try to figure out a fix. I really appreciate your help and hopefully together we can make this happen.

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Its actually called an hy 2.0 8 pin connector i believe.