xTool S1 and Lightburn

Are you using the same air assist solution for both? That seems like a big potential difference.

What was your venting situation with the Creality?

They both have their own air assist systems but I have tried adjusting the speed of the S1 Air assist amongst the 4 levels and only minor difference.

I had a hood tent with small exhaust fan in the creality. I think the fan in the xtool is alot stronger though because you can see the smoke immediately head towards the vent in the xtool case.

Ive been getting the same smoke staining isues with my S1 40w, i honestly don’t think the auto air assist is putting out enough air.

It looks like the smoke is getting forcefully deposited onto the surface. Try disabling or minimizing air assist while maximizing ventilation across the top surface to evacuate out smoke as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Ohh i see, less is more. I shall try that.
Thanks for the info.

@JohnJohn gibt es bereits Neuigkeiten im Zusammenspiel vom xTool S1 und Lightburn?

Gruß Nico

We have an alpha version in test with a small group right now that is looking very promising. Here It corrects issues with Jogging, probing, Multi-layer problems (the triangle issue and air assist) and many other issues.

Once we have a some more testing we will release it to a beta in the near future.

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Ohh this is good news, well done to all involved. Looking forward to the update.

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Any chance that includes WiFi?

Wifi no not at this time.