xTool S1 and Lightburn


This is a sub-release public beta. Use with caution. Let us know!

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There was one thing that I hoped the S1 Beta would address and it appears that it does not. With the XTool Creative Space software you can Jog, Frame, and Focus with the lid open. With Lightburn these functions only work if the lis is closed. It is inconvenient having to open and close the lid to get the framing and focusing done.

Shouldn’t be hard to bypass that interlock.

Of course, I still drive vehicles without ABS brakes (manual windows, three pedals, carburetor, distributor w/points, etc) and ride motorcycles similarly archaic…so…I’m used to managing my own safety rather than relying on a computer to do it for me…

If you blind yourself or cut off a finger as a result of bypassing a door interlock, that’s not on me. :smiley:

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All of the functions I referenced above occur while the Laser is not engaged. There is a trick I discovered. If you place a magnet at the corner where the door closes the machine thinks that the door is closed and will allow the functions to operate with the door open. It’s just kind of a pain putting the magnet on and off just as it is having to open and close the door all the time. If XTool’s Creative Space allows these functions with the door open I imagine it is something Lightburn could implement. That’s why I brought it to their attention.

This is not as trivial as that.
This assumes Xtool allows access to such functions and is willing to allow 3rd party softwares - lightburn or others - to access them. Lets hope that is the case

I didn’t mean to insinuate that it would be easy to implement these functions with the door open. It is well known how XTool uses proprietary code and is not very forthcoming with this info to other developers. I find Lightburn to be far superior to XTool’s Creative Space. I have the Beta version of Creative Space 2 and although there are some nice improvements I still prefer Lightburn by a wide margin. I very much appreciate all the efforts you are miking to support the S1.

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I have spent quite a while trying to figure out how to do this and honestly I can’t find anything in the serial comms that says “hey the doors open but its cool, it’s just a jog”

What I have found is that jogging on this machine is completely pointless. The motors are closed loop and the machine always knows where it’s at. So open the lid, give it a second to unlock the motors, drag the head where you want it, close the lid and go.

It’s quiet possibly my favorite feature of the whole thing.

For those that are testing the S1 Beta here is a post on how to setup the machine and new device type.

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True, I don’t really have occasion to jog. It won’t frame with the door open so I find myself closing the door toe frame, executing the frame, opening the door to move the wood and then having to close the door to frame again.

I don’t know if this falls into the same category as proprietary code but if you use the Focus function in Creative Space and then Home the head it maintains the Z height that you focused to. In Lightburn if you focus and then Home the head it rises on the Z Axis as it goes home and you have to re-focus before using it again.

Can you issue the discreet axis homing commands in console? $HX and/or $HY ($HZ, should it be required). If so, you could set up a simple macro to home only X/Y.

This is fixed in the new version with the xTool device type. Check the instructions I linked above.

You can, but you don’t need too, since we fixed that in the 1.7 build

Btw for anyone that’s curious homing commands on the S1 are:

M111 S0 - Home X
M111 S1 - Home Y
M111 S2 - Home Z
M111 S3 - Home XY

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Thanks so much. I just tested it out and it works great. Really appreciate the great support.


X-tool: “if it ain’t broke, fix it 'til it is.”



Even though I’m an (infrequent) user of a xTool D1 Pro, I have to say that I wholly agree with that statement.
Especially the part about rather freeing resources to something that is actually beneficial for a larger group of LB users.

When the other things in life quiet down a bit and I find more time to concentrate on the lasering, I will most likely swap out the xTool controller for a normal GRBL controller and be done with xTool.

While I do well understand that any company will go to great lenghts in order to protect their IP as is their right of course, in order to that approach to be feasible, there would have to be something to protect.
Either real or imaginary.
And they have to deliver something that’s clearly ahead of the competition, and keep on delivering.
IMO with xTools GRBLish controller firmware or the XCS, there’s absolutely nothing what so ever to protect.
So business model like they follow makes absolutely no sense.
To me anyway.

If Makerspace/xTool would be more willing to be more co-operative about their firmware changes with third party software developers, and would use a standard GRBL controller, I’d be willing to bet that they would sell a whole lot more machines than what they sell now.

IMO/IMLE the mechanical engineering on the D1 Pro is (mostly) great for the price, and that was one of the prime reasons I chose xTool in the first place.
Had I known about the peculiarities of the controller and their lack of co-operation with third party software providers, I might have chosen differently.



I would add to the above (with which I agree), that Xtool should immediately stop advertising compatibility with Lightburn. I’m quite certain that little red dragon sells a LOT of machines and when people inevitably run into issues, they blame LB. All win for Xtool and all fail for LB.

What would happen if Oz had a cease and desist dropped on Xtool and they suddenly had to tell people there machines weren’t compatible? I bet sales would plummet and they would shortly make any necessary correction to get back on board.

this is a fact regardless of brand. But users don’t know what they don’t know.
90% of users that come into the laser market are 1st time users of the machine, code concepts, and CNC/Lightburn alike software.

So the industry as a whole has to do mea-culpa and do a better informing job. Now in reality we know if they did that, it would directly conflict with marketing and sales figures and objectives so…

Agreed, Gil, but I was thinking specifically of incompatibility issues due to Xtool choices of novel firmware code.

They have every right to develop new features and the software to support it (and I applaud that), but if they want to advertise Lightburn support, they (should) have the requirement of providing fully compatible (perhaps less featured, but CLEARLY disclosed as such) alternative firmware, or work closely with the LB devs BEFORE release to get the software working properly with their main codeset.

Both yes and no.
I couldn’t dream of buying a machine for a lot of money without thoroughly informing myself. If I read the first 3 user experiences that machine XYZ is not quite ready for LightBurn, then I have gone to the next manufacturer. A good example, fiber laser with EZCad3 boards is (or was?) not compatible with LightBurn, so people choose EZCad2.
It’s probably not that easy in real life, but I imagine that a list of machines/suppliers that really support LightBurn and or are willing to cooperate with LightBurn, will be a relief for many buyers and help to find the right machine.