Yeti tumbler etching

So I have a 50w Chinese laser and have no problem cutting 3-4mm plywood and etching lumber. The problem I’m having is etching any tumbler doesn’t matter the brand. I have tried all kinds of speed and power but can’t get it to reveal clean stainless underneath the powered coat. It always leaves a haze.

I’ve done tumbler etching in the past and always have to make two passes, sometimes more depending on the composition of the coating. There’s a few products with a rubbery coating that makes a mess and smells worse.
After a couple passes, I usually use a solvent, commonly denatured alcohol to clear away more of the residue.

I did 2 passes on the black mug and 3 passes on the teal one. I’m not sure why my laser won’t clear them off. I’ve seen others using about 18-20w of power and doing it just fine.

Just clean them with denatured alcohol and a magic eraser, that will take off the dirt left behind and leave clean and shiny stainless

I tried that and I tried zepp 505 and LA totally awesome cleaner and nothing worked. Maybe my laser isnt functioning properly