Z Steps Per Pass

I notice that when I enter a value in Z Steps Per Pass and “In” is added to the right of the setting. What does this indicate? Inches?

It’s telling you the intended direction - Into the material or out of it - so you don’t have to remember if it’s negative or positive that does that.

Once again - THANK YOU.

Next question. After homing and zeroing my Z axis moves down when I press the UP arrow in the move window. It also moves down in negative values. If I set the “Reverse Z direction” to on will the laser move lower “In” to my project?

Yes, it negates the direction of all Z moves in the project. I’m not certain if it also negates jogging moves - I’d have to check that.

This is a very scary setting BTW… I am waiting for the day I forget that I set Z In on a layer (which I hope I never need to do for any reason) and it causes a head crash for what ever reason. :slight_smile:

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