Atomstack P7 M40

12 hours into this. No joy. No anything …but regret. Glad I am on free trial. Not into spending more money on non-working stuff. Was under the impression lightburn and atomstack worked well together. Wasted long day so far. Any lasers that actually work w/o paying an arm and a leg? I need one that works. Can’t afford to piss around wasting time/ money hoping some secret techniques MIGHT work. By all the issues I’m seeing in here, I’m thinking scrap it, and move on. PLEASE, tell me I’m wrong.

This depends on what you expect. If you want something plug and play and no fuss in terms of working out settings and experimentation then you’ll likely need to get something like a Glowforge where you have to use their materials only. Glowforge starts at $3K USD.

These desktop lasers are less like laser printers in terms of ease of function than they are like a basic tool like a chisel or paintbrush where you’ll need to build-up familiarity and skill in the tool. If you read through this forum you’ll see that there’s a lot of experimentation, skill building, and upgrades that are involved in doing this.

Whether or not you want that in your life will determine if this is worth it to you.

I wrote a good bit more on this subject here if you care to read it:

If you’re interested in pushing forward then there are people on this forum that will be willing to help get you bootstrapped.

If you can articulate your current problem statement then we can start from there.
Take a look at this post to help you get the most of this forum:

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Thanks for responding. It boiled down to installing the very basic software and drivers that came with it, THEN installing lightburn. Would have been nice to know 14 hours earlier. Works like I hoped it would. Back in buss!!

CH340 driver? The only reason i’m adding this comment is it hangs up some Atomstack users and overlooking this driver makes the USB not connect on some systems.

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