CAMFive with 1st Controller

I have access to a CAM Five CFL CMA1200 with a 1st Controller. We have Smartcarve but I would like to switch to LightBurn. The software does not recognize the equipment and I am not sure what to select from the manual selection list. Is there a unit that I can list that is the same as what I am working with?


Please post a picture of the control panel and also the control unit inside the laser box. I am not familiar with the “1st Controller”, so a picture would help.

I have seen several and don’t have a clear understanding which controller is in your unit.

I have a camFive machine also, but it has a ruida controller so it seemed to link with the machine without any problems. I didn’t think CamFive used any other controllers unless maybe the one you have access too is a bit older. Please post pics.

I was able to talk to CAMfive technical support and what we have is a seven or eight year old controller. He says that the only software that works with this controller is Smartcarve.
I will send photos when I get them anyway.
We may look at changing out the controller but it may not work with our budget.

Connect your camfive through lan vs. the usb. My camfive works fine through the lan vs. usb for some reason.

Yes, the original CAMFive units came with a proprietary controller that will not work with LB. More “recent” units then started coming with a supported controller, indeed Ruida if I recall correctly.

In the case of the older controller (the pics I have seen show an exposed green pcb), you would need to switch the controller out for something that LightBurn does support.

As Rick says, pics help. He got that from me :slight_smile:

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