Cannot connect Lightburn to Gweike laser via ethernet

*Hi! I got mine working with the gweike cloud and ethernet. I have not got it working with LightBurn over ethernet though, only USB. But I can’t remember if I tried originally, I’ll have a fiddle with it now! *

To connect it for cloud:

You first have to connect over wifi just once as part of the setup process. This video has the instructions: User Guides of the GWEIKE CLOUD 3D Laser Printer - YouTube
And the wifi username and password should be 123456789.

You don’t have to use the same computer to set it up (I had to use my ipad because the PC I wanted to run the machine on doesn’t have wifi capabilities).

Then after that the ethernet works on cloud, when you plug the laser into your router.

Update; I’ve tried to connect via ethernet both to LightBurn and Gweike’s offline software to no avail.

I have contacted Gweike support and after a bit of back and forward this is what I have found out…

Their board only supports ethernet for the purpose of transmitting image data, not connecting to the controller.

This means that when I thought I was connected via ethernet, the laser was sending image data via ethernet and control data via Wi-Fi to my router, and I was connecting to both of these through the cloud software via the ethernet on my PC.

This all means that LightBurn has no way of controlling the machine via ethernet, because we can’t connect to it fully. :frowning: I have suggested they update their website, with the below to help avoid further confusion for us;

I will next explore whether I can connect lightburn to the camera only via ethernet, using the method Oz describes here: Lightburn camera on ethernet connected pc becasue at least that would help with the camera dropping out all the time (I have this issue with basically every job. :neutral_face:)