Cannot update - access denied

I cannot get the last two updates to load on either computer. I have added lightburn to my PC-Matic whitelist. I am the administrator of the computer. I could use a hint on what needs to be done.

screen shot:

Windows 10

Thank you

Did you whitelist lightburn or the installer? I suspect you’d need to whitelist the installer or simply disable PC-Matic for the installation.

There are several conditions that can cause this scenario but ultimately it comes down to OS or PC-Matic protections preventing the installation from happening.

You might start by trying to do the install as Administrator. A web search brings up some others:
Fixes to Unable To Execute Files In The Temporary Directory [Error 5] - EaseUS

I was having the same problem, found out MS defender was turned on and Malwarebytes was turned off after switching them it installed correctly.

Check out this link. Might be a folder permission issue.


You folks are a great community! Thanks for the advice. When I get it sorted out, I will post back to this thread to pay the knowledge forward.
Thanks again :smiley:

OK - a fast 5 minutes and the problem was solved. Micrololin (Jeff) provided a link and the walk through to fix the permission issue. Thanks a million!

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