Cut a vector graphic in half

Hello everyone.

I have a laser with an area of 500x300. I would like to make a vector graphic but is larger. how do I do that best in LB? can i somehow cut the graphic?

how do you solve this?

Greetings Gregor

Searching the forum for “split vector” provided some good info that should help.

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thank you. i will have a look

Just out of curiosity, what information is in the format of the graphics displayed in the preview window of lightburn? Seems like detail is carried through various zoom levels and you can draw, via the slider either, from top down or bottom up as desired. Wondering if the tool can save out the details in a vector format easily from within that module for just such an operation? Only curious… and I know that curiosity killed the cat!

I covered using the boolean tools to cut a filled graphic here:

The preview is all line segments with power values.

There actually isn’t a “format” exactly - it’s the output of the motion planning simulation engine. I feed the motion planner all the line data and cut settings, and then tell it what time I want it to be at, and then I pull output from it until it says it’s done. Internally, it is computing the time taken to draw each segment at the current speed, taking into account the acceleration settings, corners coming up, and so on, to figure out where “in time” the cut will be at the point I asked for. If the requested time is in the middle of a line, it will tell me the end points of the line, and the percentage along it to draw.

When you first open the preview, it runs the entire motion simulation once, in full, so it knows how long the job will take, so it can set the slider to the end. It’s actually a very complicated bit of code, but most of that is hidden from you.

Thank you for taking the time to relay that to me Oz. You are a kind soul and I appreciate you!

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You’re welcome. I enjoy this kind of thing. :slight_smile:

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