Determining Speed and Power settings for engraving and cuts

Hey Group. Can any of you direct me to information or videos on how to determine what to set my speed and power to for a given engraving. ie… Glass, Poweder Coated Yetti’s specifically but wood (cutting and engraving), Leather (cutting and engraving) and vinyl record cutting as well. Or at least a good starting point?

I should mention I have the little sheet of paper the laser came with that gives a starting point but LightBurn does not use those setttings. For instance one says a power range of 1000S but LightBurn goes by a percentage.

I have the 20w Ortur Laser Master 2.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.



You are in luck. One of our members posted this not that long ago. Short version…Test, test and more tests, then when you find what works, record in the Materials Library for easy recall later when you do that same material again. :wink:


Fantastic video! I’m just wondering why mine is not looking the same? Ortur 15w laser. Thank you all for the recent support!

The S1000 is the same as 100%. S800 would be 80% etc.