First cut all objects on the same layer, then repeat

I’ve been looking for the following in the settings and on the forum but I couldn’t find what I am looking for.

Let’s say I have 3 shapes, all on the same layer, and I want to cut it with a diode laser. For this I need multiple passes. So I set the layer’s pass count to 8, for instance.

What I would like is that it first goes over all 3 shapes, and then repeats, cuttin the whole layer each time.

I have a workaround now, by exporting the GCode with the layer pass count set to 1, and then insert it 8 times, and run from the gcode file.

The reason I want this is that small details ( like holes of 3mm) get burned too much otherwise.

Is it possible to do this without exporting and running GCode manually?

No, it’s not possible at this time. Part of the trouble is that there’s nothing that says you have to cut all the shapes on a layer at the same time, and in fact you often don’t want to.

Making the system able to handle cutting everything on a single layer, then returning to the first for the next pass is possible, but honestly quite hard to insert into the current way things are ordered.

I would suggest adding a small air assist jet to your setup - even a little air blown directly into the cut will reduce charring, and will produce deeper and cleaner cuts with fewer passes.

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