Guidance please

I’m engraving this logo for the Headmaster and he wants it like this with the inside filled and lettering unfilled but I keep getting the example below. I’ve tried the offset tool but didn’t help with the lettering. Thanks

From the information / picture provided, it appears you have made the design with multiple fill layers. For example, take this design:

To correct this is to understand the logic on a fill layer. I need to put the text on the same layer:


To expand on the logic of a fill layer, look at how adding rings on this design changes the result:

Every time a ring is added, the fill works on the closed objects of the same layer starting from the outer objects and alternating (On / Off).

And for one final project example:

Take note of the fill on this design:

If I wanted to change the fill to be a pocket / negative while also maintaining the cut out (the red layer), I will copy and paste the red layer in the exact same position (CTRL+C ; ALT + V), and simply switch the newly pasted layer to the same as the design:

That absolutely makes sense now. Let me try to change that. Thanks AGAIN Jeff

Thanks Jeff. I understand now.

As an FYI…

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