Laser continues to burn

Once project has completed burning and laser turns off, If I hit return to home button, laser turns back on and burns to home location and then continues to burn until I turn power off. Please help. I have no idea what to do or fix what I have done incorrect.

I know I am clueless about the whole laser process. I have never done anything like this before. I was told to use this forum for help. I am sorry that you all can not lower your standards of laser/software knowledge to assist someone as clueless as I am, I just thought that was what forums were for. Experts don’t start out that way did you?
Sorry I posted here! Hope other have better experiences.

Amy, we all do our best to help each other out. In just one day after your initial post may I provide you with the following information available by using the search function. I just copied and pasted the title of your post into the search.

OK. Thank you Stoonzo. I did search but found no answers or due to my limited understanding.

Maybe I have a laser problem and not a software issue, or I need to just reinstall Lightburn (still on trial version). I imported a small outlined clipart and traced the image , next placed settings 1200 speed @ 50 power and Mode fill. Half way through the process I hit STOP because laser was burning up my wood, laser stopped moving but keep burning…same thing when I hit PAUSE. So I figured it was the the speed or power or mode settings. I changed speed to 1000 @ 100power but Mode to line. A small line burned from the home position but the vector image did burn but again the laser never did turn off and quit burning even after it completed the image and returned to home. I had to unplug system.
Can someone please tell me what I have done wrong or maybe suggest something.
Thank you for your time and patience,
Amy Hall
2021 Octur Master 2 20w, Dell Laptop

If the laser continues burning even after you stop, you likely have a bad board. Ortur had a batch of these, so my best suggestion would be to open a ticket with them - they’ll diagnose and likely replace it.

Ok. Thank you sir!