Laser no longer engraving, nothing changed

I have printed with the same settings on the same wood and all of a sudden the laser is not even making a mark. Any suggestions?

I just posted this. Please review:

I have submitted a ticket with them. Thank you!

I had the same problem, contacted Ortur and after alot of back and forth emails they sent a new motherboard / laser. I did 28 burns, worked perfectly. My Lightburn trial period just ended so today I bought a 1 year membership, and my Ortur will not burn. I’m at my wits end with this. I’ve got 3 hours this mornig trying to figure out what I’m dping wrong or did the mother board / laser burn up again. I’ve done all the proper grounding that has been asked of me. Starting to get a little disappointed.

One of two issues to investigate. Software - You identify successfully setting up, configuring, and using LightBurn to run jobs on your laser. If you did not make any further adjustments or changes to this working setup in LightBurn, look to the Hardware / Firmware next.

Hardware / Firmware - Did you update the firmware at some point? Have the firmware settings been adjusted by you? Did you double-check that all cables and connections have not come loose? Reseat all connections.

Hardware can fail, and this may have happened again. The nice folks over at Ortur Support should be able to troubleshoot with you to determine if you have had another hardware failure.

I understand your frustration and I have put a lot of time and money into projects. I am waiting on them to respond to me after running the test and sending the data they requested.

I think I have figured out what is going on.We are trying to burn on a pinewood coaster that is to light in color. After adding a light hue to the finish it is now burning. Pretty obvious I’m pretty new to this. Thank you for your time and patience, Chris.

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