Laser only frames and moves in straight line

I have a Sculpfun S9 laser and it only moves in a straight line when framing and running. It’s almost like it’s cutting in the ZY plane.

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One of the diagnostic steps you can take is swapping the X-axis motor and the Y axis motor cables at the controller board. This can help identify the difference between stuck motors and mechanisms or a problem with the wiring or control board.

I am not expecting z-axis support on a Sculpfun S9.

This may be worth review:

Interesting thought that the Y axis motor may be out. I swapped the cables at the motors, and the laser went from moving X only to moving Y only. Is this a bad Y axis motor then?

I am confused. With the wiring swapped at the motors:
If the problem moved then it could be the cable or board.
If the problem didn’t move it can be a stuck or bad motor.

Occasionally / rarely the crimped cables fail and break where they are strained. Swapping the cables is the next step if the problem moved.

With the power off, and the motor cables unplugged, see if the bad motor can be coaxed to move with manual pressure. Compare the pressure required to move in the ‘dead-direction’ to the pressure required to move in the direction that was working and ensure that those seem similar and reasonable.

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Did you check the mechanical setup of your machine? You need to tune a Sculpfun laser a bit, because not everything is done at factory: Guide to mechanical adjustments and maintenance - Diode Laser Wiki

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