Laser stuck on 100%

Just received my new Ortur Laser Master 2, it seems to be a new model of 20w laser with no focusing ring, instead, you adjust the height of the maser itself to focus, anyway first few burns seemed to work just fine with lightburn, then for some reason the machine started switching off halfway through a burn. Once powered back up the laser no longer fires at anything below full power, even when I shift-click for an outline it switches the laser to full power then doesn’t switch it back off, is this something with the firmware/software or has the laser developed a fault?

started to have the same issue today, same laser machine!

I got in touch with Ortur, they had me check for voltage between the black and white cables on the laser cable when the board was plugged into the USB port of my pc only (not powered on) 0v means a healthy board, mine was reading 3.1v so they’re sending me a new mainboard.

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That white wire is the PWM signal wire which controls the laser output power level. The black wire is ground/common and the red is 12V. When you apply power to the machine( with it unconnected to the PC) the firmware should move the head to the home position and wait for commands with the laser turned off and no PWM signal. So either the firmware has a problem or the SOC chip(STM32) has failed for some reason. The chip they used on the controller is VERY common so with 2 people having the same problem so soon… ot oh and hopefully they figure out the cause quickly.

@steven5watson if you’re interested in finding out, PM me and send me the mainboard and I’ll take a look at it. I’m in San Diego, CA.

same here, getting replacement. they were quick got my reply the same morning. :slight_smile:

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Haven’t had my laser even a month and having the same problem. I opened a ticket with Ortur customer support this morning but haven’t heard back form them yet.

I also tested mine… 3.116V. Thanks for the info. I will add this to the ticket I have open with ortur.

I too have this problem. I just received my replacement controller and after about 30 minutes of use it suffered the same fate as the first one. I reopened my case with Ortur to see what they say.

There is an audible pop from the controller when the laser looses power control. I believe that the current draw of the new 20 watt laser may be too much for the current circuit design. If someone wants to tinker with the first board I would be happy to send it to you.

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if you’re up for sending it to me… PM me for my address/info.
And good ear recognizing something popped as it failed. Your observation is interesting only because there should only be 3 lines going to the laser unit, power(gnd and 12V) and PWM and since it’s staying on 100% I would think it wasn’t power which failed and PWM is not a high current signal. curious failure.

Hey Troy, I just finished completing the form online requesting a new board, and I am waiting for the reply regarding the expedited shipping. I was wondering if you had yours expedited and what the charge was?

Ortur support just got back to me and confirmed that they had a bad batch of boards. The MCU controller is faulty and a few lucky customers, like me, got a replacement from that batch. They assured me that this next replacement will not have the defect. It takes about a week to get the replacement so I will keep you posted if in fact it has been resolved.

Be warned. If you’re in the UK. I got my replacement this week. Works fine, however I then also got a letter off FedEx trying to charge me import fees! I’m contesting it now as I don’t think I should be paying fees for a replacement for a faulty part.

Received mine 3 days ago. Same issue here now. Stuck on full power and doesn’t turn off. Seems to confirm the “bad board” scenario.

Ticket opened. We’ll see how long it takes them to get back to me. :man_facepalming:t2:

I ran into the same problem with a defective board. I opened up a ticket and got a very quick reply and had a replacement board installed within 2 weeks. No problems since then.

I have received mu new MCU board and they confirmed that their was a defect in the prior batch. They also included this link to the grounding instructions they will be including on new units. Ortur – Ortur Laser Master Grounding – Ortur Anyone with one of these lasers should be following the instructions and grounding their laser. Cold dry climates cause a static build up that tries to go to ground through the MCU and it fries it. I’m in Utah and that is how our winters are, cold and dry.

I have ground mine and the new MCU has proven to be reliable so far.

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@Deadwood-turning Thank you for that information.

I, too, am having the issue as the OP: laser won’t fire at less than full power regardless of fire button or actual project power settings. Laser control board black/white tested with USB to computer but no power to LM2 yielded 3.042V like those folks above.

My LM2 20W bit the dust (or, more accurately, burned my work piece to sooty dust) half-way through a project. I found the laser was in the middle of engraving an image at 20% power (which looked fine) and then must have turned the juice up by itself (not sure of the cause) because the rest of the burn was seemingly at 100%. Standard troubleshooting yielded no positive results so I opened a ticket with ortur support (waiting for a reply) and assume the answer will be the same as others in these threads: new board required.

Here’s hoping the new boards are the corrected variety as you and Johnd5 indicated! Maybe they’ll send a ground kit with the new board (otherwise I will be doing this as well) as the Upper Midwest has a similar situation to you in UT.

Thanks as always to everyone (including @OrturTech ) who helps in these forums. I’m very new to the laser engraving scene and would be lost during episodes like this without all of you.

Crossing my fingers that a solution is quick for my issue :smile:

You’re very welcome! I can confirm that the new board and the grounding have resolved the issue for me. I have used it all day at various output levels with no further issues. It never finished a single project on the first two MCU boards. The good news is the rest of my laser parts are just fine and don’t appear to have been harmed by the issue with the MCU.

@Deadwood-turning That’s great! Here’s hoping my situation is the same (no additional issues)

For any others with this issue (boards from January 2021), make sure to reach out to Ortur. They are doing a nice job of helping resolve the issue.

I submitted a ticket (and all evidence based on what was discussed here in this thread) on Friday night and after a quick email or two today (Sunday) I was sent the following:

From Ortur: "Greetings, your motherboard MCU(CPU) has a problem, and a board will need to be replaced.
This problem was identified on a limited number of boards from January production

Ortur will replace it under warranty with Expedite shipping at no cost for you"

We’ll see when it ships/how long it takes to arrive, but I am pleased thus far with Ortur’s support. Way to go!

Best of luck to everyone. I hope very few of you have this issue!

I also had this issue? It was the motherboard. I’m actually looking for that video tr hat shows you how to test this? Can someone please share the link. I cant find it to save my life right now. Thanks!

I believe the test is to put a volt meter between ground/black and pwm/white right after you have turned on power to the laser engraver and it should read 0V. Although there should be 0V measured from ground/black to 12V/red also.