Material Cut/Scan Test Files - Power Scale

This works nicely on my Ruida controlled generic 60W laser, but my 150W Boss Laser HP3655 with a Trocen/AWC 708C controller doesn’t seem to pay any attention to the Power Scale. Do you have any ideas regarding this problem? Thank you for any help you could give.

I see you have double-posted same issue. Please don’t do that. It creates more work and can slow responses.

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Sorry. Thanks for letting me know.

Hi Rick,
What is your Max 80% setting based on? Is it to limit the amount of power the laser is putting out?

I have a CR50W with a limit of 19mA. I can produce a laser output of 24.9mA with my current PS. Without adjusting the potentiometer on the PS.
I seem to reach max at 30% power. Do i set my max min at 30%-0% respectively?


Not following your question, please re-phrase. What are you trying to produce? :slight_smile:

I might suggest adding this to the learning tool box. One of our nice members produced this site with tools to automate the initial building of these test files.

LightBurn Test Generators - Lightburn PowerScale Generators - O2 Creative

Once you have built a couple from this, you can compare against your hand built ones, side by side, to see what is happening. You will be able to use the auto-generated file as a guide.