Multiple Errors

Hello, I have been using my 20w printer for a few months and have really enjoyed learning and creating amazing pieces. That being said, I have become really comfortable with the different power levels and speeds. Today however, I tried to print something as I have been, didn’t change a single setting from what I normally use and these are the issues that are randomly occurring. Before I get into detail, I AM still new and learning so please let me know if there is any way to be more specific to get these issues resolved. I am running lightburn in beginner mode.

  1. When homing or starting my device it “stutters” on the track and makes a horrible noise. It does not do it every time, but enough that I cannot complete a piece. I have properly checked/cleaned/tightened the frame in an attempt to correct. (Alarm 9 homing error)
  2. The laser is not going to the proper location I am sending it. I create my piece and send it to “selection center” and it will go to the other side of the bored compared to the screen coordinates.
  3. Not to be too vague, but it is not burning like it did previously either. same settings on a board I have done multiple items on and it is not engraving enough to see or even feel the design.

I express all of these problems not as individual issues, but rather concern over the fact that they all started at once when I did not change anything. I did an update in hopes it would fix. Do these problems represent a single issue? Is it software or hardware? I appreciate any help as I have many projects going right now that I would hate to lose. Thank you!

I might be able to respond to the last issue you mentioned. I was just on another Ortur laser group on FB and he had stated that he took all of the wiring connections and cleaned them with alcohol. He noted after doing that his laser started to burn much better and stronger. Just passing this along.

I am desperate for answers so I definitely appreciate the advice! I have cleaned all pieces well, but have not touched the connectors in fear of ruining them. I will give it a go. Thank you!

You might have an issue with the hardware. Please review the post below.

@OrturTech, tagging for any additional recommendations. :wink:

Addressing your points by number

  1. could you use below image and replicate and send imagesd of your wiring + each belt with machine iddle
  2. Did you by any chance changed the origin of the machine from (Front left?). In console type $# and press enter. Cna you post output?

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