My camera setup

Here is my (test) camera setup.
Placing the laser up the workpiece works fine and precice, almost as shown on the videos from youtube. I have a lot of fun playing with the possibilities that the camera system on my laser machine gives me. The only annoying and mysterious thing is the very blurred focus. In the small picture on the right on the camera-control page and outside LB, I have a sharp picture.
Only black line drawings that are very thick have a cance to be scanned (traced). It is a little annoying and takes many of the good opportunities that would otherwise have been possible.

The cameras are manual focus, and have a small glue dot holding the threads on the lens which you can break by carefully twisting the lens while holding the base of the lens holder (not the board).

This may help.

Thanks Oz, I’ve read it in an older post but there’s no way for a better picture for me with this camera in LB, I’ve tried everything.

Oohh… I thought that was one of ours, but looking closer it does not appear to be. If you are running this on WIndows there is a good chance that the camera is defaulting to lower resolution than it is capable of. This is the whole reason we sell cameras on our site - I had the manufacturer change the firmware settings to make the camera default to its highest resolution.

LightBurn reports the captured resolution in the lens calibration dialog when you take a capture, here:

What is yours reporting?

Hi Oz,
On the camera calibration page, only a resolution of 640x480 is recorded and that is as you write about the minimum / maximum default setting in the firmware.
I am fully aware that you are selling a camera with the right resolution settings in this specific firmware, but at the moment I do not have the necessary recurcer for both hard and software. I still have a lot of fun with my little laser and your excellent program. Once I buy a CO2 laser, I will definitely buy the right camera from you.

There are others that work too - if you have an old Moebius action cam laying about, that works well, as do a few of the ELP offerings from Amazon. There are also IP-based cameras that will work with a 3rd party (free) app that presents them as a USB camera, which will work too.

For the next release I’ve finished re-organizing all the different camera capture functions in the code to centralize everything, preparing for the re-write to allow Windows to capture at higher res. That’s still a ways off (and going to be a challenge to write) but it will happen.

Hi Oz
I respect your work a lot and am impressed with your and the forum’s fine and helpful response to all the questions and wishes people have with their laser. I have read all the posts in the LB forum and have not found a single unfriendly or inappropriate response, I am pleased - Thank you

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Thank you - I get the impression that people like LightBurn, but it’s still nice to hear it now and then. :slight_smile:

As for the forum, we do get the occasional flare up, but try to catch them before they turn sour and angry. So far it’s mostly working, I think.