Need help for wiring DY13 co2 laser power supply to mks dlc32

Hello my friends
Recently I bought a co2 laser and I couldn’t run the laser
could you please tell me which pins of mks dlc32 must to be connect to the laser power supply

here is the power supply pins

The way these are generally wired is a pot between 5V and ground, with the wiper connected to IN of the LPS.

PWM output goes to H of the lps…

Is this what you need to know?

See if this link helps at all…

If this works, this would be better… I’ve never tried this configuration, but it allows software control of the tube current… using a pot doesn’t.


Is this wiring right?
s>in . ttl>TL . G&WP>g

ttl is not a signal name, it’s the electrical description of the interface.

The output connector only has Signal (pwm), Ground and Voltage, the S in the group is an ttl electrical interface.

I have not done the 2nd link. You have to advise me which of these you are trying to duplicate…

Not having dealt with the 2nd link, I can’t help you much further than the post itself.

I would suggest the POT type interface that is commonly used for these. Once you get it operational you can reconfigure it without wondering what it’s doing.

I think it’s a ~5k0 pot between 5V and ground with the wiper to IN of the lps. This is the current control input.

The pwm, which is used to turn the tube on and off

POT wiper to the IN of the lps
PWM or S from the control board goes to H or TH however it’s marked…

Make sense?