Ortur Laser Master 2 Alarm 2 Line 4

Just got an Ortur Laser Master 2, bought LightBurn and am having issues with it. At first it would cut fine but now I’m getting an Alarm 2 at or near Line 4. I’m not sure what Line 4 is so I can’t determine what is out of bounds. It homes fine, but won’t stream. I then thought it might be the firmware because the first time I added the laser, the software added it as GRBL. When I deleted it and tried to readd it to fix the problem, it said the GRBL needed was the previous version. 1.1 or something. So I went to the forum about updating the firmware, followed the directions and it won’t let me copy the OLF_000.bin over to the laser.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Alarm 2 again (sorry!) ------- ?

Tried that. Now I get a homing fail alarm 9. Then it says

Ortur Laser Ready!
GRBL 1.1 [’$’ for help]
[MSG: ‘$H’|’$X’ to unlock]
[MSG:Caution: Unlocked]

Tried what, exactly?

Don’t change the homing directions - put the software in ‘Absolute Coords’ mode instead of ‘User Origin’ or ‘Current Position’. Read here: https://lightburnsoftware.github.io/NewDocs/CoordinatesOrigin.html

Putting this in console:
In the console window, type:
G10 L2 P1 X0 Y0

It’s in absolute coords. It’s giving alarm 9 now. The ortur is homing forward and to the right instead of forward and to the left like it should. I’m still getting alarm 2 near line 4.

The $23 setting needs to be flipped - If it’s odd right now, make it even by subtracting one. If it’s an even number, make it odd by adding one. That is toggling the bit that controls the X direction.

In the LightBurn machine settings (0.9.15) these are properly broken out into individual flags you can just flip with a switch.

Fixed the homing issue.

Still getting Alarm 2, Line 4.

$0=20 $1=50 $2=0 $3=1 $4=0 $5=0 $6=0 $10=1 $11=0.050 $12=0.002 $13=0 $20=1 $21=1 $22=1 $23=6 $24=600.000 $25=3000.000 $26=100 $27=2.000 $30=1000 $31=0 $32=1 $33=250.000 $100=80.000 $101=80.000 $102=80.000 $110=9000.000 $111=9000.000 $112=9000.000 $120=2200.000 $121=1800.000 $122=2500.000 $130=160.000 $131=150.000 $132=1.000 ok ok Starting stream Layer C00 ALARM:2 On or near line 4: Stream completed in 0:00 [MSG:Reset to continue] Waiting for connection... Waiting for connection... ok ok Homing ok

Show a screen shot of your main window with the Laser window visible, and the project you’re trying to run.

@PlaneAndSimple have you firmware updated your machine
If direction of homing is wrong on stock settings, it might mean you applied a wrong firmware to the machine.
In fact by your $$ settings you can see you have 150x160 max travle set
Please let me know so we can arrange a firmware fix for you because clearly your firmware is incorrect for your machine.