Ortur LM3 WiFi access

Hello all, new LB and laser user here.

I have the LM3 and would like to run LB remotely (via WiFi) versus a hard (USB) connection.

The LM3 has the built in capability but I’m struggling to get it to work.

Setup via the Ortur app is, to be nice, disappointing. Never can get a good (or any) connection.

With my computer connected via USB, everything is operating great so far (Love LB!).

I have managed to set the access to my WiFI network on the LM3 and set the (two?) wireless access IP addresses, This worked well during early testing, but some days and (always now) I cannot connect with LB at all.

Before all WiFi connectivity was lost, I could issue a “$$” command, but the interface would lock up after returning about 1000 characters.

I can ping the assigned address and see it on my routers client list, but that is it.

Back to the two interface dilemma.
(excerpt from the LM3)

$300=Ortur Laser Master 3 STA 2A12
$310=Ortur Laser Master 3 AP 2A12

$302 and $312 are the IP’s, $303/313 are the gateway.

The original settings before I changed them had both “AP” and “STA” with the same IP address.

Does anyone have ideas of where to look next and anyone know what comm method LB uses for ethernet connections (i.e. targeted port#)?


You’re ahead of the curve on this one.
The code to make this work with LightBurn will be entering testing shortly.
It’s not in release yet. I’ll assign this topic and update on it as progress continues.

As far as I know LightBurn uses a telnet style communication for IP devices on GRBL. Port defaults to 23 but can be changed in Device Settings.

I’m not aware if Ortur uses this style of communication for WiFi.

There are a few people that have been able to get basic communication working with WiFi but I know of nobody successfully burning with it. There are some that are doing basic line burns, framing, jogging but fails on fills and images.

Thanks John, berainlb!

I tried to telnet in, no response (lines $305- $308 are for the various communication ports)

I’m thinking what you describe is a buffering issue.

I could do a lot with just the ability to ftp files over (port specified by $308). There is a built in “web app” that I had accessed before on port 81, ability to jog and load/run Gcode, etc. which also had a file transfer capability.

There is the potential for an easier user experience if the WiFi interface was better exposed, sure would beat dragging my desktop out to the shop each morning :slightly_smiling_face:

John, glad to hear you guys are planning some work on this :+1:

John, are you saying this is a connection option specifically for Ortur or this is a generalized web interface solution or something similar?

It is buffer related and showed up when Oz was troubleshooting the WiFi connection with an LM3. I believe that you will see it in the testing groups in the next go-round.

Ortur does NOT use CH340 drivers.

Could i ask, in your console type
press enter, send output pelase?

[ORIGIN: China]
[MODEL: Ortur Laser Master 3]
[OLF: 205_RC9]
[SN: CF4F46B6920A3E53F46CFEAB559DCB58]
Target buffer size found
[BOARD:Ortur Laser Master 3]
[PLUGIN:Power Detecter v1.0]
[PLUGIN:Power Control v1.0]
[PLUGIN:gyroscope sensor v1.0]
[PLUGIN:Trinamic v0.09]
[PLUGIN:ESP32 WebUI v0.03]

RC9 we are on RC33 :blush:
Hikes thats old old firmware
Question, [IP:******]
Do you have local ip can you access webui?

Hi Gil.

I masked the MAC/IP to protect the innocent :wink:

I haven’t had any permanent success with wifi access, either with the Ortur software or LB over wifi.

Currently my IP is set to connect to my router (subnet is different from the default 192.168.5.xxx). It connects and I can ping it, but that is all.
On rare occasions I can connect with LB, but it’ll print out about 1K characters after issuing an “$$”, followed by locking up.

When the webUI worked (maybe twice) I could operate fine over my router-wifi connection.

Re. the firmware RC9 → RC33.

The Ortur website has no firmware page for the LM3 (just LM2 and others) Can you point me? I’d like to see the delta list or at least know what may have changed.


Is a local IP so is “safe”

Right so we need to get you into the local ip so we can get you into the simplest firmware mode
I am assuming you have local WIFI
please replace mywifissid and mywifipassword by your ACTUAL - case sensitive - credentials

press enteR
press enter
perss enter
Machine will think a moment then give you local ip

Once done, and it says in local the ip
Open a browser
Type the ip n the browser address and press enter
Ortur WebUi will pop up and ask you for user and password. In both cases they are admin

Now left side
System → Upgrade → use the file browser to local the file ESP_OLM3_205_RC29.bin and proceed with update instructions

As i cant send zip file here, i am using wetransfer:
Link: RC29

a) KEY “on” position might have changed from your RC9 - please make sure after update its pointing RIGHT
b) it should auto restart, if not you must power on
c) once done make sure you $RST=* in nconsole. This will however clear you wifi credentials, you might have to repeat above after.

Report back any issues please?

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Yeah, private network.

No problems hooking up to my wifi (with the SSID and passwd)
Once I was able to connect via browser to the webUI with the admin/admin and operate basic movements, etc.
Several days later after setting up in a more permanent operating location, the webUI and all other associations with the Ortur wifi interface failed, except for the ability to ping the IP showing connectivity and the occasional ability of LB to connect with the Ortur over wifi with the apparent buffering issues (1K characters then lockup)
This issue is a post of mine asking for info Ortur LM3 WiFi access

I’ll see if I can resurrect the webUI to get RC29 loaded up. No problem typing in the creds, I’ve done it dozens of times already :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

if all fails $RST=*
it will restore basics, then you can reuse the steps above

I’ll give it a go in a few days and let you know (day job gets in the way of fun)

Can I reset, (enter my wifi info via USB console) and enter my routers IP (which line? $302/$312 or both) to get it on the local subnet or should I just try to change my router to allow the .5 default subnet?

My router is set to assign a fixed IP based on the Ortur MAC.

CJ: Sorry to apparently have hijacked your thread!

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I would just give it the WIFI credentials
It will DHCP in the rest of the data, if you gave your machine a IP, DCHP from the router should give it that ip and all the data.

Gil, thanks for the help.

I was able to connect via HTTP and get the firmware update installed. The AP was re-assigned the fixed IP provided by my router.

LB can access the LM3 now via ethernet as before, difference is before the console would hang after line $312 when issuing a ‘$$’.
Now it pauses for a few seconds at that same line, then continues on with the rest of the parameter list through line $662.

The console is constantly reporting back the following (at about a line per second)

Anyway, I’m tempted to try a job over ethernet but hesitant based on JohnJohn’s comment about this capability is not yet ready.

waiting for 1.2.02 launch would be ideal but i been using beta without issue

I see you have both webui and lightbun at once connected, that might cause the little hangs,
However as a test, try a project at 1% power. wont spoil anything and will take it to its paces

WIFI does require some stable wifi connectivity, i am a bit spoiled as i have a over kill unifi setup at home. because… well i am a geek lol

But if you have a low wifi signal some stutery can happen, the system SHOULD recover from it though

If you’re interested and willing to tolerate and report unanticipated behaviours, I believe that I can get the beta version to you for testing.

I will send you a message with a download link shortly.
Thank you for your patience.

I’d love to play lab rat John. :grin:
Gil, correct, webUI was also running and that of course has a refresh interval (oops).
I have a solid wifi connection with a single bridge.

I disconnected from the web UI and the previous symptom of the console hanging after line $312 has returned (assuming a LB vs. webUI difference here).

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You have mail. :slight_smile: