Playing with Deep engraved Ceramic Tiles using 60 watt Fiber

Yin Yang

60 watt fiber

Ceramic tile deep engrave

1/ first two passes remove ceramic

2000/90/45/200 o.025 interval

2 / 10 passes

2000 /90 /45/200 0.o25 interval

3/ Darken Pass

2000 /90 / 105/100 0.003 interval
Then Painted using Caliart water pencils


Hi, I’d like to try to replicate your procedure, I don’t understand some of the data, sorry, I’m just trying it for the first time,
when you say: 2000/90/45/200 or.025 interval
do you mean 2000 = speed mm/min?
90 I imagine the power in %
and then I don’t understand
45? 200?
and Darken Pass??

Its a fiber JPT MOPA Laser
2000 mm/sec
90% power
45kHz frequency
200 ns pulse width
0.025 line interval
Change up parameters to get a darker engrave

I seriously doubt a diode laser can do anything useful to a glazed tile.

Thank you,
I’m testing with Atomstack MR20. 20W (MOPA) Pulsed Fiber Laser Module, which only has power and frequency regulation (30-60 Khz) but does not have pulse width regulation… so I don’t know how much this lack can affect the final result and how make up for it by varying the speed, power and frequency parameters, I haven’t found many who have this type of laser like mine, so I have to do a lot of tests, any advice is well accepted, thank you very much.

2.5 watt Diode


I obtained excellent results with diode laser, on slate and ceramic
white, even on glass!.. and now I’m trying with MR20… but I don’t get the same good results achieved with the diode!!

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