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This might be more of an OMtech Polar question, but I am not a member at facebook and that is the only place where they have a forum.

I need to connect my Polar to ethernet via a wall port connected to a switch that is connected to the router. Obviously the physical connection is not an issue. I run into trouble when trying to set a static IP address for the machine. It doesn’t have any type of screen that I can use to set the IP address.

The OMtech video (starts at the 2:00 mark) is not real clear on how to do this. It seems they are maybe connecting directly to the PC using a crossover cable? I am not sure, but the directions they give for setting the IP address seem like they will only set the IP address on my PC and not the laser.

Read through these two topics. They should have the information that you need:

Unless you have a console on your Polar, you can’t change the machines IP.

The Ruida is a static IP. In your router, you need to bind the Ruida ip to the Ruida MAC address … this prevents the router from issuing that ip elsewhere.

The two links @berainlb posted are good.

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Thank you. This did the trick. It was a task learning how to do this within the router but I managed. I would explain how I did it, but I think all routers will be different, not to mention I don’t think I can explain it very well

Glad that fixed you up…

Good luck and have fun


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