Short time listener, first time caller

Hi All,

Just joined the forum and laser cutting engraving in general. Quick run down.

Machine - Atomstack 5a Pro (yes I know, 40 watt input 5.5 - 6.5 watt output if lucky.

Latop and desktop both win 10

Issues, questions and or requests:

I am creating whiskey flight boards and I’ve seen the questions asked but no real answers or full solutions to what I am trying to do.

I want to create a thin circle around the number. I know you can use “offset shapes” and both" to create the appearance of a circle, but I want to now fill that inside. So far adding power makes a better appearance but it’s not perfect.

I have another line that used “line” and it just avoided the lettering inside the box, resulting in the lettering being raised and the area around it engraved out. While the effect is super cool, it takes a long time. I want the box around it (used offset shapes for the boxes) to line and then the lettering to line and fill but leave the rest of the inside of the box alone to speed up the project.

I would like to request the ability to draw a square and lock all object inside or delete all objects inside. Perhaps I’ve missed that part or …

I do main design on my desktop, but since I Live in an apartment, I use the laptop for cutting/engraving. I can transfer the file by dropbox etc, but is there a way to also send my cut settings etc along with it? By USB perhaps?

The lettering I’m using, once it’s typed out, it somehow can be deleted in parts. The font has a thin line and then a “shadow” line. The “Shadow” line comes out perfect, the thinner inner line needs more power on another layer. However when I type the font, I cannot separate the lines in order to push into another layer. However when I select the object I can delete it in parts, unless I click a few more times and then used backspace to delete the entire word. Anyone know how I can separate the two as layers to achieve what I am looking for?

One last thing, I was messing with Lightburn and it crashed ruining my first project. Did some searching and found the ‘Start from here’ button in preview, but since I don’t know where it stopped at (I had moved the laser trying to figure it out) is there another way to see where the last position was?

Anyhow, great software, will be buying full license once I figure some more stuff out.

Running short on time, will add more and better pics later.

Thank you for your help and nice to meet you all.

Welcome - LaserWillie,

I think we need to break your post into several pieces in order to better understand and help you.

But first I would highly recommend changing your names addition. It is always unfortunate to have an e-mail address in a public place, many robots catch it and you get nice ads with breast implants or investment proposals from Uganda … :wink:

You have the option to set up 2 computers with one LightBurn license. Many of us, like you, use the “big” computer or laptop to construct and a small, older computer most often only to control the laser. Here it is also a good idea to keep it as simple as possible and use the machine only as a work computer.
I transfer my work files either with a usb stik or and mostly over the net, attached. Works fine for me.

The function you are looking for, to be able to collect various items in a frame and lock or delete it, exists and I use it often.
Construct a frame, drag in the desired elements and group it all, when it is a group you can delete, copy, duplicate, cut and paste … all at once. In “Shape Properties” you can lock it all.

There is no stop function in “Start from here”, you simply have to stop the laser. I do not think it is a smart solution and have also wanted a “Stop here” button for Christmas

The questions regarding your “whiskey parts” I think you should “document” a little more with pictures, it’s a little confusing to me as it is right now.

If you really want to wait to buy LightBurn until you really get to know it, then it will not be in this queen’s reign :wink:

Welcome and thank you for your interest in LightBurn. I will try to address your questions, each in turn, but I also suggest you review our documentation, as many of your questions are covered in detail there: Home - LightBurn Software Documentation

In particular, walk through the Simple Project section, to gain some of the basics for how LightBurn works.

Reading this, you seem to understand how LightBurn decides what to fill, but this is a good resource explaining this in detail. I would like to “see” what “better appearance but it’s not perfect.” means to you.

I think this may be an issue of understanding how Layers work. I would need to see an example of what you are wanting to produce to offer any direct workflow suggestions.

Select the shapes you want to lock, then right-click the selection to bring up the context menu, where you can then ‘Lock Selected Shapes’

Selected shapes can be deleted by hitting the delete key. I may not be understanding what you are after here, so please clarify.

I am not understanding this question, as the cut settings (and more) are saved with the file. You will need to be a bit more specific as to what you are asking here. What did you expect to happen that is not?

Yes, you can have your file(s) hosted on any accessible storage (Local, cloud, removable(flash drive)), or sent to the laser via USB or Ethernet if supported.

Many objects created in LightBurn are special shapes called ‘Primitive Shapes’. Text object are one of the Primitive Shapes allowing you to do things to it, like change to Bold or curve the text, pulling on the ‘Blue Dot’. To disassemble a Primitive Shape, you need to convert it to paths first. You should then be able to move the desired parts of this ‘text’ to a different layer.

If you manually move the head, LightBurn would not know. If you move the material, LightBurn would not know. The ‘Start from here’ button usage is for when the cutting process was interrupted, and you want to restore and continue, but this requires knowing where the laser is in relation to the material. If either of those change…

You can try to line things up again, then flip the processing sequence, front to back changed to process back to front, as an example, then monitor the job and stop when the new cut meets the old one.

Thanks for the pleasant comment, it is always nice to hear folks are enjoying our efforts. :wink:

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Thanks Bernd. When I joined it showed that the forum would not show my email. It’s a junkmail @ anyhow. I’ll figure it out soon but no big deal.

Thanks for the tips about transferring by USB. I’ll give that a shot. Couldn’t transfer at the time as my wife was using desktop, I borrowed her laptop so I could move it with the CNC.

I was running out of time and imgur was running slow so I will try to provide better context.

I am not sure what you mean about that. I’m buying lightroom regardless. I have 30 days and I have other bills to be paid, why not make money with my project to pay for lightburn first? I have it to learn under trial no? It’s great software and with forum support. What’s not to love?

I would like to be able to do something in between fill and engrave. The first sample piece I did today engraved out the lettering (the “I love you” birch) and yet it does the raster scan on the circle and not really an engrave. With higher power/slower speed I was able to fill my need, but I’d like to engrave out the circle a bit in a thick line.

I hadn’t found that resource yet, and wasn’t aware of what would happen. I’m still testing but my initial test were on point until the larger whole board where it engrave out everything but the letters. I guess test test test.

I am trying to do something like this:

And instead, got the area filled in the box even though it was under “line” and it left the lettering raised while ti was also “line”. Fill was not checked. I will keep testing. I think I follow about layers, I was pondering today that it might need to be it’s own layer.

I’ve tried it and had mixed results. However, as an example, with lettering, I added lettering and when I choose it, it appears to choose the whole letter, in reality it has divided the lettering into multiple layers and only deleted that layer. I can only do that after exporting. So I sort of have a workaround now.

I had exported and attached via email to myself and dropbox and lost the image, and settings etc. I will try direct storage from PC to PC.

I can do that (not all shapes, as after you export it divides the shapes into layers and cannot move them as a group after). F**K, I’ll drink and test a bunch (i’m drinking after a long day) and I’ll keep messing with it. Just wish it was more intuitive/user friendly.

Also, a “preview” of the work you are doing WHILE you are doing it would be awesome. See the shading as you work on the project.

it was kindly meant as a kind of joke, but sometimes the content is lost in the translation.
We use the term if we want to say that it will take a long time because our queen never retires. (… it will not be in this queen’s reign)

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Why not just use ‘Save’? Why are you exporting the work you are doing in LightBurn? Do you need to do additional work on the file outside LightBurn prior to sending to the laser?

When you create something in LightBurn, and then hit ‘Save’, all settings, cut planning and the shape details, along with other important information are saved in the LightBurn file. Export is different and does not provide all the same options. Please explain what you are trying to do that would require you to export this work. I do not understand your workflow here.


The file formats available for export no nothing of lasers. These file formats are not aware of the additional information required to successful drive the output to laser systems. If you want to preserve your project file, you must use ‘Save’.

I would need to see your file to understand the issue you are having.

As for Preview while working, this takes up too much screen real estate to have this window open while editing. There are hot keys for many of the common features, ALT-P pops the Preview open for quick review.

We are not use to hearing this. In fact, just the opposite. Not patting self on back here, just wanting to understand what may be causing this and see if we can do even better. I do again suggest review of the documentation and the Simple Project to help you understand LightBurn.

As for your project, use the ‘Save’, then post the file here for review.

NOTE: I edited your forum profile and changed where you entered “NAME:” as the email address.

If you want to edit this or change things in the profile, you can edit this by clicking on your profile icon in the top right (on desktop browser), clicking the gear icon in the menu that pops up, and going to the Profile tab.

Hi Rick, thanks for the reply.

I create the design on desktop, which took me a long time. Many many hours thinking I could export to my laptop so I could burn outside. I tried exporting to USB but that was worse. I’ll keep trying.

Thanks for the material, I’ll look it all over. I have been training on multiple software programs so there’s a bit of burnout happening. My current issue is in opening the exported file, it makes the font “split” into multiple vectors instead of seeing it as one vector file. I’ll find the solution but currently have a workaround. It can be beneficial in a way.


My bad, long days and nights, guess I missed that. Add a few scotches while testing and well, poop happens.

Thanks for the advice.

After spending 8 hours this morning testing settings and layers etc. here’s my first project.

Gonna review settings and some other things. I’ll be damned if the laser wasn’t almost able to cut through 1/4" ! I already want a more powerful laser!

You can do this task, moving the LightBurn file from one computer to another, members do this all the time. Use Save to do this, not Export.

This is what I am trying to get you to understand. Please stop. Read what I have shared. You do not want to use Export for this. Use ‘Save’, then copy that file to wherever you want, then load that file on the computer connected to the laser. DON’T use Export to do what you are trying.

Additionally, we provide all-ages access to this forum. Please keep that in mind when posting and make sure it is appropriate for all ages. Thank you.

Hi Rick, no offense meant. But you are very short and kind of rude. I will be sure to remember this is all ages and a good Christian website.

I guess I’ll try to figure out where that file is later.

Short, I give you that. After several lengthy posts explaining in detail, with attached additional resources to help, I found the same issue being repeated, after we recommend this is not the way to do what is desired. I am wanting to be as succinct as possible. If that is coming across as rude, please understand, this is not my intention.

We ask all members for content evaluation prior to posting, knowing we have all-age viewers. I, personally, don’t enjoy having to explain some of the posts and comments we see to my Granddaughter. :wink:

I offered the “Please keep in mind…”, as a friendly reminder, as opposed to pulling out the hammer on our first controversial encounter, issuing a time-out or an outright ban from the forum. :slight_smile: We are a diverse community, of many different folks, from all over the world, each and all wanting to learn and enjoy the lasing journey. We welcome all.

If you share a bit more, we might be able to help. What file, in particular, are you looking for? If you are referring to the LightBurn file to share here, all good, post when you can and we can take a look.

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My dude, you don’t know a joke if it hit you in the face. And yeah all you keep saying “SAVE IT SAVE IT SAVE IT”.

I AM saving it. What I don’t know is where that file would be that I can then transfer from one PC to the Laptop. If I did I wouldn’t have you constantly barking at me “SAVE IT SAVE IT SAVE IT JUST SAVE IT ARRRRGGGHHHHHH”

Like, my dude, you need a day off or something. And I thought I was stretching myself thin.

I’m a new user, I am new to the forum, and I’m new to laser engraving. At this rate I might not buy the program.

Keep up the good work. You could simply get away from the keyboard.

And for the record, if you can’t handle the word poop or damned, then good luck outside the forum.

Ah yes, nothing short rude or threatening to a new user, potential client and forum member. Good work dude.

Make it easy on yourself, and save the Lightburn file to a Dropbox folder.

Thank you for this. You had not said you had saved, you said you are using export.

I can help with this. If you hit the Icon to save (image), the file is saved in the last save location. If you select the Save from the menu ‘File’->‘Save’ or ‘Save As’, you will get a dialog allowing you to navigate your accessible storage. Pick a location that you will remember and click ‘Save’ button to commit.

As for where that last file you saved, I would suggest using the OS search tool for the file name you used when saving that file. :slight_smile:

If you are looking for suggested workflows for sharing files between computers, this is a subject that has many posts and comments. Search on this forum can help surface those too. I can share one of the ones I point to as a good starting point:

Please keep it civil, you are not presenting well. The desire here is to provide help. You are welcome to purchase LightBurn if you so choose, your call.

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I figured it out that they really did just make it super easy, as I had mentioned, I am learning a lot of advanced programs so it was natural to want to export. Literally just save and choose file location. In other programs I’d have to go digging through files.

The hazards of learning too many things at once and cramming it in between work and running a business.

Thanks for the reply.

The majority of the world “saves” their work. After saving most programs ask you to export.

You could have led off with this in the beginning you know.

Dude, get a grip, it’s you thats not presenting well.

You are not really showing that. Go outside or ban me, whatever works best for you. Or you know, just stop commenting on my post. The world will continue to turn.

What graphic programs are you designing in other than Lightburn?

Do you not “save” your work in Microsoft docs, excel etc? Also, I am using Affinity Designer (learning at same time) as well as trying to learn LaserGRBL, Lightburn and new software at work.

I don’t need to use them. Why not design everything in Affinity Designer, and then export to SVG or AI and import into Lightburn or LaserGRBL to run your laser.

That’s… what I’m doing.