Snapmaker Rotary Axis - Any comments from the LB developers?

I am connected via USB when I sending my jobs to the Artisan. I do it with Luban and LighBurn. If I do the job with Luban and open/close the door, Laser is off. If I do it with LB and open/close the door, Laser swichted on … that is all what I can say. Therfore I would think it can’t be a firmware issue. If it would it should be the same in both cases. Only my 2 cents. But what this mean from LB console?

Enclosure door close
unsubscript cmd[1:a2]!
cannot found match client for unsubscribe [1:a2]
subscribe cmd[12:a1], period[1000]!
subscribe success!

Not sure, that’s all coming from the SnapMaker firmware, not LightBurn.

I’m waiting to hear back from a colleague to see if he can reproduce the issue.

@adammhaile Hi Adam, any update so far? What I found out … If Artisan is connected to nothing, laser is constinously off. If laser is connected via USB and Luban the same. Only if Lightburn is connected via USB to the Artisan the laser switched on if I open and close the door.

We have been unable to replicate the problem.
I believe you that it only happens with LightBurn but I’ve gone over the emitted gcode multiple times and while it’s different from Luban it’s not different enough that it should matter (especially when we can’t replicate it with the same machine). We emit an M5 which should turn off the laser… either the firmware you have is not respecting that or, more likely, it’s an electrical fault somewhere that’s causing weird behavior.
I understand that response is frustrating, but without being able to replicate the issue there’s nothing else I can do currently. If it is something specific to LightBurn causing the problem I can’t actually narrow down what specifically is doing it.

I have a Snapmaker 2.0 A350 - in the controller/enclosure settings there is an option to switch off the door detection switches. Not sure if this is the same for Artisan? Worth toggling it off and trying again.

@adammhaile if it is a single case issue no worry … I can handle it. It you are not able to reproduce the issue all fine for me. No fustration on my site.

Hello @adammhaile , if we summurize, where are we at? and which version will support the module please?

1.4.02 which should be released this week.

@adammhaile I found also a new beta 1.5.00 … are the changes part of this beta?

Not yet - I need to pull over those changes.
1.5 is still pretty rough

Thank you adam. I founds the Snapmaker Artisan as a choice for devices in the new Beta version. Therefore my question. I would guess it will be the same in the upcoming version 1.4.02. Would mean we should choose the new device setting for Artisan?

No, that feature (the artisan specific new device option) won’t be out until v1.5. I made the rotary fix directly on the 1.4.02 patch branch but just haven’t pulled it into 1.5 yet. So if you are using an Artisan don’t use 1.5 yet.

I’m using 1.4.03 LB on a Snapmaker A350T. The rotary function does not work for me…yet.

I configured it selecting
B axis

When sending the gcode to the printer directly via WiFi (using Luban) the rotary does not move I start with the manual setting of the Z coordinate and adjust the boundary as I want. Rotary works as expected.

When I tell it the printer to start engraving, the rotary does not move and the laser stays on the same point. I stopped the print and not sure if the y would move after the initial line is engraved.

Love the software. Waiting patiently for the fix or easy work around.

When I send the same file (.svg) to Luban & Luban creates the gcode, this prints fine. Don’t know what to say about that.

Hi @all,

I already have the bug, If I let the rotary module rotate with the test button, the Y axis also moves around the value entered under diameter.

Maschine is a Snapmaker A350T with V.1.18 Firmware (latest) and
controlled by Lightburn v1.4.03 via USB
(in the Maschine Settings Snapmaker choosen instead of GRBL-M3)

Hope you can help me

PS firmware downgrade to V1.16.7 same problem

If you’re using the rotary, either follow my rotary guide, or use the “Snapmaker” device profile.

Yes I use the Rotary, I also use “Snapmaker” device profile.

Do you mean your Guide with editing Y → B Axis manually?
are there no other way?

The primary problem is when i press the Test button in the rotary settings B and Y moves depending on the diameter

Oh, re-reading, the fix was pushed to a patch branch of 1.14.02, if you want to use that it was linked here. It seems it’ll reach mainline in 1.15. :slight_smile:

Do you mean the Version 1.4.02 and it came in the final of the 1.4.03???

I tested the official v1.4.03, same bug…

The Y-Axis moves by exactly the value set under diameter.

If i press the test button in the rotary settings, this happend

Oh, are you trying to use the framing button? I have absolutely no experience with that. :frowning: Sorry. However, what it looks like to me is it’s returning to the Y origin at the front of the stock.

No, I used the “Test” button in the rotary settings menu in Lightburn.
The path that the Y-axis travels is exactly the one listed under circumference.