Snapmaker Rotary Axis - Any comments from the LB developers?

No official response yet - would appreciate some feedback from the dev’s.


I’m active mostly on the snapmaker forum, but I figured I’d create an account here and help those I can over here. :slight_smile: I’ve written a couple guides on using the rotary with lightburn and have had a lot of good results. The two guides are as follows:

Standard guide to generate proper gcode and use the USB drive and setup on the machine itself:

Absolute full control guide, not really recommended to start out with and is sorta complex, but great for repeating projects.

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Welcome and thank you! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the welcome. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Awe I got marked as spam for linking to my guides and hidden. :frowning:

Fixed. :wink: Should be good now.


Welcome! Happy to have more Snapmaker folks around. We have some incoming as Support machines. The Artisan, in particular. About to order it, anyway.

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Thanks, it’s hard being a new user with guides explicitely on another site. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’d absolutely love to tinker and write guides for the Artisan, but it’s just… waaay over my current price range, had to settle for an XTool D1 Pro 10W for now (mainly because sale + coupon). Maybe my current 2.0 series guides can work with the Artisan?

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I’ve passed along a link to the Support team member getting the Artisan for review :slight_smile:

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Any news here @ColinW ? I am also a snapmaker Artisan user and bought a Lightburn license to work with it. To normal mode is working more or less fine, after some configuration but still problems with the rotary module of the Artisan. The “Test” sequenz spins the rotary (in the settings I can only choose Y-Axis or B-Axis. I chossed the B-Axis but problem is, I can’t use 360°. It shows 360mm/U) If I try to laser something, it moves the x-axis what should never happen. X-axis must be in the middle position all time long (and only rotary should spin). Any idea what the reason could be?

We still don’t have a device on hand, they expect to ship in June

Any advice to my problem? Why I can’t choose the A-Axis? @ColinW

I suspect a change needs to be made on our end, which we can do once we have a device on hand for sure. I’ll pass this through our Developers and see if we can fix it before then.