User Origin and Trocen...issues

So I have never used user origin, however with this controller, it is the only way for it to work. I sincerely hate it. I understand how it is supposed to work, however, there is an issue. After I position my piece, and hit the frame button, it outlines exactly where I want it to, but then when I hit burn, it slides to the left about 5 inches before it starts. Any ideas? It makes it impossible to position a piece properly.

This is an issue with the public release, but fixed in the upcoming one. I can give you a stable pre-release with this fixed if you PM me. It was a bug in the origin math, and I have it on my list for the release after this coming one to support the other modes in the controller. The controller itself does support them, it’s just that you change the setting in the controller menu, globally, instead of per-job in the file, like Ruida.

I sent you a PM on FB sir, or did you want it here?

I would like the latest patch as well.

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Oz, I just swapped to a Trocen CCD (608Lite) and have the latest LB public release. Seeing this issue and a delay in communicating move commands via LB. Works fine in LaserCAD via Ethernet connection. Move commands and origin are responsive and origin works. But in LB very delayed or ignored. I press the arrow right in LB and I get movement immediately I press it again, nothing. I wait approx 10sec and try again and it works same as described above.

Please send me the patch as well.

Also, should I open a new thread for the error message when using the CCD camera?
Thanks! Mal

When you run LightBurn, make sure that you don’t also have LaserCAD open, as the port can only be bound to one machine at a time and could cause the delay you mention.

LightBurn does not support the Trocen CCD camera, so the error message likely won’t mean anything to me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. That worked great. I did not have both pieces of software open previously and rebooted both the computer and Trocen. The patch helped. I tried the patch over USB and IP. No issues over USB. Via IP I am getting a file send error when pressing start in LB. However, if I use the send button and send the file and start it from the Trocen, it works fine and Origin is as defined in LB file. No issues via USB.

As far as the CCD Camera, I’ll chase this one down. As it is just a USB camera, I though there might be a chance to use it in LB. The issue in LB is with a call to a .dll that doesn’t exist. In furhter communication with Trocen/Cloudray they are still perfecting the USB drivers for WIn10 and 64bit platforms (not to mention tweaking the instructions and software for english).

Will you be adding the “Laser Fire” feature for the Trocen as well. That is a great feature for identifying your exact point, would really like to see it available, if its possible. Thanks again for making such a great product.

The Laser Fire setting isn’t a pulse, but an on/off switch, so it’s pretty dangerous for CO2 use. I’ll have to have a look to see if the Trocen supports a simple pulse command, and if so, could make that work.

Good deal. Its an option in the LaserCAD software they send. That’s why I asked. It does just pulse. If you want their LaserCAD I can send it or its a download from CloudRay.

Either way. Thanks for entertaining the idea.

I have LaserCad, so I can have a look.

Sorry to revive and old thread but have the other origin options (Current Position and Absolute Coords) for the AWC been fixed/made available in 9.02?

They work, but you have to change the mode on the controller itself, not within LightBurn. You leave LightBurn in “User Origin” mode. On the controller, press Menu, then choose Common Parameters Settings, then Work Mode, then Origin Mode. Once you’ve changed the origin mode on the controller itself, it will work.

Another option is to manually set the user origin to match the machine origin, then you can use Absolute Coords mode in LightBurn without having to set it on the controller.

cool. That should work nicely. Thanks