Version 1.0 - MacOS issues with Ruida

I don’t understand what you mean by “still nothing in the file list”. I can’t see what you see, so I need you to paint me a clear picture.

List the steps you’re taking, what you click, what you expect to see and don’t, errors you get, etc.

I create my design - in this case it is just a name
I send my design to the laser

it says that it goes like normal (no errors)
however when I go to my Mira 7, and pull up the “Files” where they always show up there is nothing there.

I can even send the same file name without getting an error

I have my design in the grid space. I click send to laser. I hit the frame button on my laser, and it continues to frame the last design I sent to the laser before upgrading to the new version of lightburn. When I hit start, it starts to cut the design I sent to the laser before upgrading lightburn.

For each of you:

  • Run LightBurn
  • Click Help > Enable Debug Logging
  • Right-click the devices button
  • Send something to the laser
  • Click the Frame button (in LightBurn)
  • Quit LightBurn
  • Attach the file in your Documents folder called LightBurnLog.txt to this thread

@bluebellpaper I bumped you up a trust level so you should be able to post here again now. We have received your email with the log file and assigned to Oz for review.

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LightBurnLog.txt (69.2 KB)

LightBurnLog.txt (50.1 KB)

This is very strange. Stephanie - Your log file looks fine. It appears the laser is communicating as expected, responding the way it should, and everything ends correctly in the file.

Angelica - Yours looks like the machine has just stopped talking to you after the file is sent. If you look at the controller screen, is the timer running or anything?

Do either of you have lots of files hosted on the laser itself that could be an issue?

I had 4 files in my laser which I deleted and it’s still doing the same thing.

I honestly can’t say why it’s doing this. My own Macs are working correctly, and files send and run as expected.

As I mentioned before, we’ve always had issues with MacOS and USB connections to Ruida controllers - not all users experience this, and not all versions, but I’ve never been able to figure out what the cause is. The chip used by Ruida controllers (FTDI) has a driver that conflicts with the one supplied by Apple, and that can cause weird issues. If you’re using a USB hub or USB-C to A converter, sometimes those are the problem, and just unplugging and trying a different USB port can help.

Ultimately, the most reliable option is to buy the USB to Ethernet adapter from Apple ($30) and connect a network cable directly from the Mac to the laser.

There are two links in this thread - one here, and one above it:

Those have helped others in the past, but again, it’s kind of hit & miss.

I decided to try downloading the previous version of lightburn and now it’s working fine again.

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For clarity, which version? Still connecting via USB, correct? :slight_smile:

9.24 using usb

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Hi there.
This issue is happening to me also.
Mac BigSur OS 1.5 (20G71)
Updated to 1.0 and stoped working.
Same simpthoms as described in this thread.
Only one thing to add. When I send for example just a square, it works fine, if I send something a bit more “heavy”, it just does not move, Frame always work.
I guess I will go back to previous version.

Saludos, Jack.

Can you folks try this version?

My Mac is connected over Ethernet to my laseer and have the same problem. I downloaded an older version but sometimes it cut and sometimes not. I still can’t figure out why. It seems the moment I multiply the columns of rows the laser doesn’t recognise it.

While it may appear to be the same, it is not. This post is addressing issues with Macs communicating over USB to a Ruida control system. Your setup is different.

When you say you are now using an earlier version of LightBurn, which version? Have you previously been successful using LightBurn with this laser system? What do you mean, exactly, when saying, “sometimes it cut and sometimes not.”? What is the flow or process you are using when you see failure? How are you providing the job, ‘Start’ or ‘Send’?