Will the "G" and the "S" In the Ruida RDC6344 both work with LIGHTBURN?

Hello all, I’m building a diy laser and I have purchased the Ruida RDC6344g. My question is will LIGHTBURN be compatible. I believe LB said it works with the RDC6344s. so hopefully the “g” and the “s” will work with LB.

LightBurn should work with both as discussed here:

Ok thank you very much Rick.:relieved:
I am super excited to start on this new diy laser! it is going to be huge, I’m putting a 130w efr tube (for cutting) and a 60w tube (engraving), first dual laser for me and by far the most complex.
Because the 130w tube is so long (and its all going to be enclosed) i’m pretty sure i have some extra space in there for a 3D printer off to the side of the z table all in a fully enclosed 80/20 built frame.
I could go on and on, but i’m stopping hear.
unfortunately I have to build a storage shed first, to make room for the “monster”.
If you or any one else can give me some advice, it will be greatly appreciated …

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