Fitting text to path

Having an issue with fitting text to the path as per the attached image.
When all text is in the position I get the option of weld and then I loose parts of the text
Grouping the lines and fitting text individually as per the video works for the first line then I cant complete the rest of the image. Please advise, as I need to complete a project.

This video offers a detailed walkthrough of the Boolean features in LightBurn.

Upload your file here, so we can see how you have built it and offer some workflow ideas to accomplish what you are after.

Here is a little project I did for making ornaments that might help…

Hi folks, thank you for your suggestions Please have a look at attached images of breakdown. On image 2 you can see is highlighted to weld, once i hit button as explained in video I loose the text. However, I dont have an option with any of the other Boolean buttons as they have not come live

The grouping and order of selection is important when using LightBurn.

Here are a few posts that walk through some different uses of the Boolean tools that might help.

The other buttons are enabled in the 2nd image you showed. What you’re likely trying to do is subtract the text from the rings, and the rectangle in the middle, not weld.

Weld keeps the overlapping area of all the input shapes. If I weld text onto a rectangle, the text will disappear. If I subtract text from a rectangle, it cuts the text away from it:

This is all explained in the video above, and in the documentation here:

(Union and Weld are very similar)

WORKED EXCELLENT ON RECTANGLE, when i try and do the circle none of the boolean buttons come live??

I think you are trying to use the “Path to Text” circle you use to curve this text and that is causing you confusion.

Once you have placed the text and done the ‘Apply Path to Text’, select the text and ‘Convert to Path’, then you can group your text objects. Group the circles. Select both and try that.

As a side, with this type of design, you could try the ‘Bendy Text’ to create your text objects. Might be a bit easier workflow.

Are you trying to connect a piece of text to a single circle, or two of them? For example, I drew two circles and some text:

That’s 3 separate shapes, and the Boolean tools only work with two shapes at a time. To use the Booleans with this, I have to take the two circles and group them to make that one shape, so I can then subtract the text from it:

The one on the left is not grouped - I can tell because the selection pattern is just simple dashes, where the one on the right shows the dot-dot-dash pattern used to indicate groups:


So, if I select the group of two circles, then the text, then I can click Boolean Difference:

As per the attached images showing the dot-dot-dash pattern, Still, None of my weld or Boolean are live?? The second image I extended text to overlap circles further! Tried the bendy text , it works a treat when one learns how to control it IMG_LION |375x500, 75%

Those buttons look active to me. Attach the file you’re working on here and I can have a look.

Here is a flow that is working for me. I am using the text ‘Bend’ to create the curved text. Not ‘Apply Path to Text’ for this example.

Monogram Test.dxf.lbrn (247.6 KB) Only the first weld option is live

Because you didn’t group the two circles together. Select the two circles and group them, so LightBurn knows you want them treated as a single thing. Then you can use the Boolean options.

I mentioned this in the post above:

Your text is also not a single shape, but a bunch of them - it looks like you probably did a ‘Convert to Path’ which you didn’t need to. You would also have to select all the text and make it a group too (Ctrl+G to group). Then, when you have one shape for the circles, and one shape for the text, you can use the Boolean options.

Thank you got it done eventually

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