How does this wiring setup look for K40 + MKS DLC32 2.1


I recently picked up an MKS DLC32 2.1 board to replace the stock board in my K40 laser.
I purchased the laser a week ago or so but wasn’t enjoying the Meerk40t work around (cool project though)

I’ve removed the digital power control panel and opted to use the touch screen interface with the MKS board. It has a built in test/fire button and I can use my amp meter + set the PSU pot to limit output to the laser so I don’t overdrive it.

Below is how I’ve wired the board. It’s working fine as far as I can tell but I wanted to get some other opinions on this wiring setup.

Note: I opted to use the spindle - with the PSU ground. This is one area I’m uncertain about. I’m using an external PSU for the controller.
Sorry for the poor wiring diagram. Using MS Paint to do it.

Hi there,
Just wondering how is it going with the mks board ,has the wiring worked out for you and how is the k40 with raster files ?
At the moment i have a skr v1.4 turbo installed in my k40 and its working ok but i dont know whether it is that great with rastering and i would like to run grbl on my k40 but the skr boards arent supported so im thinking of getting one of these mks dlc32 boards .
when you say you can control the milliamps with the screen and also test fire from the screen or do you have a pot and button for them functions?
Anyway hope its going well and i look forward to seeing your progress with this board.

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The screen doesn’t allow to check mA output. L
It has a test feature which puts the laser at “5%” power ~ I manually set the Pot on the power supply so it won’t exceed 15 mA at “100%” in lightburn.

Of the developers make the setup open source I’m sure we’ll be able to add more functionality to the touch panel.

Lightburn pwm control works great with the wiring setup I outlined in my original post. I’ve had no issues and I’ve been running rotary as well.

Easy to configure the GRBL settings for the K40 lasers as well.

So those in your scheme are the only wiring changes using MKS DLC32 vs the controller of the K40?

Can you show where the potentiometer is mounted to limit the tube to 15mA?