Laser is cutting thru pieces and dead areas

I am trying to cut some Glasses out of some bass wood and the laser initiates at the Corner End of the Frame and cuts through the finish product, also most all the way through. How do we get that to stop? 2nd - Can I add a g-code funtion to turn-off the laser after it homes when completed? Right now its until I change COMs or flip the switch. What I have done to try and fix the 1st issue is below, after my console info. I have gone through a ton of different LB forum Posts, GRBL github posts linked by Ox or JohnJohn but everything I have attempted has not worked.

Posts I am referring too:

Creality 5W Falcon Laser Not Discoverable with Mac OS, Firmware Update Issues, & More → for firmware issues
Newbie here with lots of questions - #9 by JVL

Referring to the picture below, the Red Line is what is cutting through the Frames.

Now my equipment is as follows:
I bought Lightburn last night and installed 1.4.01 on Windows10 22h2
Creality Falcon controller with a 10w laser on a Ender 3v2 chaise(220x220).
I am currently using a USB 3.0 10’ extension cable to the USB A-USB C cable until my 12’ USB A to USB C comes in from Amazon this weekend. I might be adding a camera sooner than later as well.

I have the g-code for the frames at the very end of this post!

My console notes from the second I connect it to “$$”

Waiting for connection…

e[0;32mI (1963) usbtiny: USB initialization DONEe[0m

1| Pulldown: 0| Intr:0 e[0m

e[0;32mI (2519) gpio: GPIO[14]| InputEn: 0| OutputEn: 0| OpenDrain: 0| Pullup: 1| Pulldown: 0| Intr:0 e[0m

e[0;32mI (2520) xmc400x: clock: 100000e[0m

xmc4004 init is ok

Grbl 1.3a [‘$’ for help]

beep run

beep run

e[0;32mI (1149408) usbtiny: Line state changed! dtr:0, rst:0e[0m

e[0;32mI (1150443) usbtiny: Line state changed! dtr:0, rst:1e[0m




[MSG:Using machine:ESP32S2_V1]



b dir:3 head:0

tarx=-242.000000 tary=-242.000000 xmm=-19360 ymm=-19360 xstep=-19360 ystep=-19360

b dir:0 head:0

tarx=10.000000 tary=10.000000 xmm=800 ymm=800 xstep=800 ystep=800

cycle stop

b dir:3 head:0

tarx=-242.000000 tary=-242.000000 xmm=-19360 ymm=-19360 xstep=-19360 ystep=-19360

[MSG:X Axis limit switch on pin GPIO(40)]

[MSG:Y Axis limit switch on pin GPIO(42)]

stop st_go_idleHOMING_CYCLE_ALL:3













































What I have done to this point:
I upgraded the firmware on it(that fixed the laser being on at 100% full time from the second it got power until it went into standby mode) and had to do the $3=3 to reverse the polarity due to the firmware. I did the $32=1, Changed both the $30=1000 to $30=255 and did this in the Device Setting at S-value max

This last Attempt I did, I even broke the frames into 3 layers thinking the transition of each layer would be a trigger for stop and start, but that didn’t work.

Any help mainly with the laser burning the finish product is my #1 concern then the laser homing and staying on is secondary!!

Thanks for any and all help!

Here is my g-code
; LightBurn 1.4.01
; GRBL device profile, absolute coords
; Bounds: X40.54 Y23.22 to X115.46 Y44.78
G00 G17 G40 G21 G54
; Cut @ 350 mm/min, 90% power
G0 X47.497Y26.532
; Layer C01
G1 X47.243Y26.748S229.5F350
G1 X47.008Y26.985
G1 X46.811Y27.218
G1 X46.792Y27.241
G1 X46.78Y27.258
G1 X46.752Y27.298
G0 Y27.309
G1 X46.723Y27.339
G0 Y27.349
G1 X46.694Y27.38
G0 Y27.39
G1 X46.665Y27.421
G1 X46.636Y27.462
G1 X46.607Y27.502
G0 Y27.513
G1 X46.581Y27.545
G0 Y27.555
G1 X46.555Y27.588
G0 Y27.599
G1 X46.53Y27.631
G1 X46.427Y27.805
G1 X46.067Y28.504
G1 X45.746Y29.221
G1 X45.465Y29.954
G1 X45.224Y30.703
G1 X45.031Y31.365
G1 X44.856Y32.033
G1 X44.699Y32.705
G1 X44.56Y33.382
G1 X44.402Y34.275
G1 X44.279Y35.173
G1 X44.192Y36.075
G1 X44.14Y36.98
G1 Y37.377
G1 Y37.775
G1 X44.152Y38.171
G1 X44.185Y38.567
G1 X44.231Y38.961
G1 X44.291Y39.354
G1 X44.365Y39.744
G1 X44.507Y40.381
G1 X44.585Y40.621
G1 X44.683Y40.853
G1 X44.802Y41.074
G1 X44.94Y41.284
G1 X45.098Y41.48
G1 X45.273Y41.662
G1 X45.466Y41.827
G1 X45.85Y42.088
G1 X46.257Y42.31
G1 X46.683Y42.49
G1 X47.126Y42.629
G1 X47.452Y42.717
G1 X47.801Y42.8
G1 X48.339Y42.906
G1 X48.88Y43
G1 X49.424Y43.079
G1 X49.969Y43.145
G1 X51.269Y43.27
G1 X52.571Y43.358
G1 X54.507Y43.444
G1 X56.443Y43.488
G1 X58.381
G1 X60.318Y43.449
G1 X61.013Y43.42
G1 X61.416Y43.397
G0 X61.429
G1 X61.466
G0 X61.479
G1 X61.516
G0 X61.529
G1 X61.566
G0 X61.579
G1 X61.616Y43.386
G0 X61.629
G1 X61.666
G0 X61.679
G1 X61.716
G0 X61.728
G1 X61.766
G0 X61.778Y43.375
G1 X61.816
G0 X61.828
G1 X61.866
G0 X61.878
G1 X61.915
G1 X62.572Y43.32
G1 X63.477Y43.243
G1 X64.381Y43.152
G1 X65.284Y43.047
G1 X66.331Y42.898
G1 X67.298Y42.731
G1 X67.771Y42.644
G1 X68.24Y42.541
G1 X68.706Y42.423
G1 X69.168Y42.29
G1 X69.625Y42.142
G1 X70.077Y41.98
G1 X70.524Y41.802
G1 X70.965Y41.611
G1 X71.316Y41.425
G1 X71.649Y41.211
G1 X71.964Y40.972
G1 X72.259Y40.707
G1 X72.469Y40.469
G1 X72.647Y40.207
G1 X72.791Y39.926
G1 X72.899Y39.627
G1 X72.966Y39.228
G1 X73.005Y38.826
G1 X73.016Y38.421
G1 X72.999Y38.017
G1 X72.969Y37.474
G1 X72.909Y36.827
G1 X72.836Y36.181
G1 X72.748Y35.537
G1 X72.647Y34.895
G1 X72.531Y34.256
G1 X72.402Y33.619
G1 X72.259Y32.985
G1 X72.103Y32.354
G1 X71.962Y31.814
G1 X71.801Y31.28
G1 X71.622Y30.753
G1 X71.423Y30.232
G1 X71.206Y29.719
G1 X70.97Y29.214
G1 X70.716Y28.718
G1 X70.443Y28.231
G1 X70.254Y27.943
G1 X70.049Y27.668
G1 X69.83Y27.404
G1 X69.595Y27.154
G1 X69.347Y26.918
G1 X69.086Y26.696
G1 X68.811Y26.489
G1 X68.525Y26.298
G1 X67.986Y26.001
G1 X67.427Y25.743
G1 X66.852Y25.526
G1 X66.262Y25.349
G1 X65.387Y25.13
G1 X64.505Y24.945
G1 X63.616Y24.795
G1 X62.722Y24.678
G1 X61.421Y24.549
G1 X60.117Y24.464
G1 X58.812Y24.426
G1 X57.507
G1 X56.203Y24.485
G1 X54.901Y24.582
G1 X53.602Y24.725
G1 X52.308Y24.914
G1 X51.319Y25.086
G1 X50.884Y25.176
G1 X50.453Y25.281
G1 X50.025Y25.4
G1 X49.602Y25.533
G1 X49.183Y25.68
G1 X48.769Y25.841
G1 X48.36Y26.015
G1 X48.057Y26.164
G1 X47.769Y26.337
G1 X47.497Y26.532
; Cut @ 400 mm/min, 90% power
G0 X84.187Y31.138
; Layer C02
G1 X84.003Y31.768F400
G1 X83.834Y32.402
G1 X83.679Y33.04
G1 X83.539Y33.681
G1 X83.414Y34.325
G1 X83.304Y34.972
G1 X83.208Y35.622
G1 X83.1Y36.381
G1 X83.032Y37.145
G1 X83.004Y37.911
G1 X83.018Y38.679
G1 X83.042Y38.986
G1 X83.095Y39.286
G1 X83.178Y39.579
G1 X83.288Y39.862
G1 X83.426Y40.133
G1 X83.589Y40.389
G1 X83.778Y40.629
G1 X83.991Y40.851
G1 X84.285Y41.092
G1 X84.597Y41.307
G1 X84.926Y41.495
G1 X85.27Y41.654
G1 X85.709Y41.834
G1 X86.153Y42.001
G1 X86.602Y42.154
G1 X87.055Y42.292
G1 X87.513Y42.417
G1 X87.974Y42.527
G1 X88.439Y42.623
G1 X88.906Y42.705
G1 X89.718Y42.834
G1 X90.531Y42.95
G1 X91.347Y43.053
G1 X92.163Y43.144
G1 X92.981Y43.221
G1 X93.8Y43.285
G1 X94.621Y43.336
G1 X95.442Y43.374
G1 X97.008Y43.429
G1 X98.576Y43.451
G1 X100.144Y43.441
G1 X101.711Y43.397
G1 X102.957Y43.337
G1 X103.93Y43.272
G0 X103.942
G1 X103.98
G0 X103.992
G1 X104.03
G0 X104.042
G1 X104.079Y43.262
G0 X104.092
G1 X104.129
G0 X104.142
G1 X104.179
G0 X104.192
G1 X104.229Y43.251
G0 X104.241
G1 X104.279
G0 X104.291
G1 X104.329
G0 X104.341
G1 X104.379Y43.239
G0 X104.391
G1 X104.428
G1 X105.067Y43.184
G1 X105.953Y43.088
G1 X106.836Y42.969
G1 X107.716Y42.825
G1 X108.302Y42.707
G1 X108.877Y42.548
G1 X109.44Y42.347
G1 X109.987Y42.107
G1 X110.225Y41.978
G1 X110.45Y41.831
G1 X110.66Y41.665
G1 X110.856Y41.482
G1 X111.035Y41.284
G1 X111.197Y41.07
G1 X111.341Y40.843
G1 X111.466Y40.604
G1 X111.618Y40.206
G1 X111.738Y39.798
G1 X111.824Y39.382
G1 X111.877Y38.96
G1 X111.906Y37.878
G1 X111.885Y36.797
G1 X111.815Y35.719
G1 X111.697Y34.646
G1 X111.53Y33.58
G1 X111.314Y32.521
G1 X111.05Y31.473
G1 X110.738Y30.436
G1 X110.504Y29.717
G1 X110.228Y29.014
G1 X109.909Y28.329
G1 X109.548Y27.665
G1 X109.382Y27.403
G1 X109.2Y27.154
G1 X109.001Y26.919
G1 X108.787Y26.698
G1 X108.558Y26.493
G1 X108.315Y26.304
G1 X108.058Y26.132
G1 X107.79Y25.978
G1 X107.16Y25.721
G1 X106.516Y25.501
G1 X105.861Y25.319
G1 X105.196Y25.175
G1 X104.181Y24.98
G1 X103.162Y24.813
G1 X102.139Y24.674
G1 X101.112Y24.562
G1 X100.083Y24.478
G1 X99.052Y24.423
G1 X98.02Y24.395
G1 X96.986
G1 X95.352Y24.446
G1 X94.778Y24.481
G1 X94.205Y24.527
G1 X93.632Y24.582
G1 X93.061Y24.648
G1 X92.343Y24.749
G1 X91.802Y24.832
G1 X91.265Y24.932
G1 X90.732Y25.048
G1 X90.203Y25.182
G1 X89.678Y25.332
G1 X89.158Y25.499
G1 X88.644Y25.682
G1 X88.135Y25.882
G1 X87.791Y26.037
G1 X87.459Y26.215
G1 X87.142Y26.414
G1 X86.839Y26.636
G1 X86.552Y26.877
G1 X86.283Y27.139
G1 X86.032Y27.419
G1 X85.8Y27.717
G1 X85.576Y28.041
G1 X85.366Y28.373
G1 X85.169Y28.713
G1 X84.985Y29.06
G1 X84.814Y29.414
G1 X84.657Y29.774
G1 X84.58Y29.973
G0 Y29.985
G1 X84.562Y30.02
G0 Y30.031
G1 X84.543Y30.066
G0 Y30.078
G1 X84.525Y30.113
G0 Y30.125
G1 X84.515Y30.14
G1 Y30.16
G0 X84.504Y30.172
G1 X84.491Y30.207
G0 Y30.219
G1 X84.475Y30.254
G0 Y30.266
G1 X84.459Y30.302
G0 Y30.313
G1 X84.442Y30.349
G0 Y30.361
G1 X84.426Y30.396
G0 Y30.408
G1 X84.41Y30.443
G1 X84.386Y30.512
G1 X84.187Y31.138
; Cut @ 350 mm/min, 90% power
G0 X82.741Y31.379
; Layer C00
G1 X82.899Y30.982F350
G1 X83.04Y30.578
G1 X83.188Y30.216
G1 X83.321Y29.85
G1 X83.459Y29.536
G1 X83.578Y29.215
G1 X83.695Y28.938
G1 X83.761Y28.82
G1 X83.804Y28.692
G1 X83.854Y28.585
G1 X83.902Y28.478
G1 X83.99Y28.301
G1 X84.178Y27.962
G1 X84.286Y27.774
G1 X84.539Y27.404
G1 X84.667Y27.213
G1 X84.942Y26.838
G1 X85.219Y26.483
G1 X85.49Y26.162
G1 X85.799Y25.839
G1 X86.137Y25.548
G1 X86.501Y25.29
G1 X86.889Y25.067
G1 X87.499Y24.77
G1 X88.127Y24.512
G1 X88.77Y24.295
G1 X89.426Y24.118
G1 X90.25Y23.924
G1 X90.941Y23.787
G1 X91.635Y23.665
G1 X92.331Y23.558
G1 X93.029Y23.467
G1 X93.728Y23.391
G1 X94.43Y23.33
G1 X95.133Y23.284
G1 X95.836Y23.254
G1 X97.028Y23.219
G1 X98.22
G1 X98.834Y23.235
G1 X98.884
G1 X98.934
G1 X98.984
G1 X99.034
G1 X99.084
G1 X99.134
G1 X99.184
G1 X99.234Y23.246
G1 X99.284
G1 X99.334
G1 X99.41
G1 X100.599Y23.318
G1 X101.786Y23.42
G1 X102.969Y23.556
G1 X104.149Y23.725
G1 X105.323Y23.929
G1 X106.296Y24.152
G1 X107.187Y24.404
G1 X107.39Y24.475
G1 X107.596Y24.54
G1 X107.979Y24.683
G1 X108.333Y24.832
G1 X108.605Y24.962
G1 X108.868Y25.109
G1 X109.12Y25.272
G1 X109.362Y25.45
G1 X109.591Y25.643
G1 X109.809Y25.851
G1 X110.013Y26.072
G1 X110.203Y26.306
G1 X110.46Y26.661
G1 X110.7Y27.026
G1 X110.921Y27.402
G1 X111.125Y27.789
G1 X111.309Y28.184
G1 X111.475Y28.588
G1 X111.621Y29
G1 X111.748Y29.419
G1 X112.084Y30.553
G1 X112.395Y31.694
G1 X112.681Y32.842
G1 X112.943Y33.995
G1 X113.382Y36.003
G1 X113.492Y36.49
G1 X113.588Y36.898
G1 X113.749Y37.533
G1 X113.853Y37.815
G1 X113.986Y38.085
G1 X114.146Y38.341
G1 X114.392Y38.595
G1 X114.652Y38.836
G1 X115.444Y39.586
G1 Y39.596
G1 X115.457Y39.607
G1 Y39.623
G1 Y40.687
G1 Y41.751
G1 Y42.108
G1 X115.439Y42.416
G1 X115.424Y42.675
G1 Y42.821
G1 X115.4Y42.964
G1 X115.362Y43.104
G1 X115.307Y43.239
G1 X115.201Y43.308
G1 X115.087Y43.364
G1 X114.968Y43.406
G1 X114.845Y43.434
G1 X114.112Y43.573
G1 X113.376Y43.698
G1 X112.638Y43.807
G1 X111.897Y43.9
G1 X109.001Y44.26
G1 X106.138Y44.526
G1 X104.72Y44.624
G1 X103.311Y44.697
G1 X101.912Y44.748
G1 X100.523Y44.774
G1 X99.146
G1 X98.463
G1 X97.779Y44.757
G1 X96.425Y44.712
G1 X95.596Y44.67
G1 X95.546
G1 X95.496
G1 X95.446
G1 X95.396
G0 Y44.66
G1 X95.346
G1 X95.296
G1 X95.246
G1 X95.196
G0 Y44.65
G1 X95.146
G1 X95.096
G1 X95.083
G1 X93.753Y44.553
G1 X92.436Y44.438
G1 X91.134Y44.299
G1 X89.845Y44.137
G1 X88.811Y43.986
G1 X87.847Y43.823
G1 X86.913Y43.636
G1 X86.441Y43.519
G1 X85.967Y43.416
G1 X85.476Y43.29
G1 X84.968Y43.151
G1 X84.435Y43
G1 X83.874Y42.833
G1 X83.278Y42.65
G1 X82.644Y42.45
G1 X81.966Y42.231
G1 X81.238Y41.993
G1 X80.554Y41.783
G1 X79.859Y41.614
G1 X79.156Y41.485
G1 X78.446Y41.396
G1 X77.831
G1 X77.218Y41.43
G1 X76.61Y41.518
G1 X76.01Y41.651
G1 X75.595Y41.757
G1 X75.183Y41.87
G1 X74.102Y42.194
G1 X73.028Y42.538
G1 X71.728Y42.957
G1 X70.417Y43.338
G1 X69.095Y43.679
G1 X67.763Y43.982
G1 X66.118Y44.266
G1 X65.268Y44.377
G1 X64.386Y44.471
G1 X63.463Y44.548
G1 X62.487Y44.61
G1 X61.448Y44.658
G1 X60.335Y44.694
G1 X59.138Y44.72
G1 X57.846Y44.737
G1 X56.003
G1 X55.127
G1 X54.251
G1 X53.861
G1 X53.471
G1 X53.13Y44.726
G1 X52.788
G1 X52.64Y44.711
G1 X52.491
G1 X52.245Y44.697
G1 X52.06
G1 X52.01
G1 X52
G1 X51.96
G1 X51.91
G1 X51.86Y44.685
G1 X51.812
G1 X51.761
G1 X51.711Y44.674
G1 X51.661
G1 X51.611
G1 X51.561Y44.66
G1 X51.453
G1 X51.093Y44.637
G1 X50.709Y44.601
G1 X50.323Y44.581
G1 X49.919Y44.543
G1 X49.514Y44.518
G1 X49.097Y44.471
G1 X48.678Y44.448
G1 X46.972Y44.292
G1 X45.303Y44.125
G1 X44.512Y44.039
G1 X43.767Y43.955
G1 X43.078Y43.873
G1 X42.46Y43.794
G1 X41.923Y43.72
G1 X41.703Y43.674
G1 X41.479Y43.652
G1 X41.296Y43.62
G1 X41.141Y43.591
G1 X41.055
G1 X40.974Y43.564
G1 X40.898Y43.53
G1 X40.83Y43.482
G1 X40.772Y43.424
G1 X40.724Y43.355
G1 X40.69Y43.279
G1 X40.669Y43.195
G1 X40.601Y42.78
G1 X40.557Y42.363
G1 X40.537Y41.944
G1 Y41.524
G1 Y41.143
G1 X40.558Y40.763
G1 X40.611Y40.385
G1 X40.691Y40.012
G1 X40.799Y39.765
G1 X40.942Y39.538
G1 X41.118Y39.335
G1 X41.323Y39.16
G1 X41.56Y38.944
G1 X41.784Y38.657
G1 X41.973Y38.347
G1 X42.125Y38.017
G1 X42.239Y37.671
G1 X42.44Y36.904
G1 X42.608Y36.13
G1 X42.889Y34.728
G1 X43.085Y33.801
G1 X43.28Y32.935
G1 X43.473Y32.127
G1 X43.571Y31.751
G1 X43.666Y31.375
G1 X43.768Y31.026
G1 X43.86Y30.676
G1 X44.056Y30.027
G1 X44.254Y29.428
G1 X44.351Y29.15
G1 X44.582Y28.539
G1 X44.719Y28.21
G1 X44.869Y27.887
G1 X45.03Y27.57
G1 X45.203Y27.259
G1 X45.387Y26.955
G1 X45.582Y26.657
G1 X45.788Y26.366
G1 X45.968Y26.148
G1 X46.161Y25.942
G1 X46.366Y25.748
G1 X46.582Y25.568
G1 X46.809Y25.401
G1 X47.046Y25.248
G1 X47.292Y25.11
G1 X47.547Y24.987
G1 X48.299Y24.669
G1 X49.068Y24.396
G1 X49.852Y24.168
G1 X50.648Y23.985
G1 X51.522Y23.823
G1 X52.398Y23.681
G1 X53.276Y23.558
G1 X54.157Y23.455
G1 X55.039Y23.372
G1 X55.922Y23.309
G1 X56.807Y23.265
G1 X57.692Y23.241
G1 X58.577
G1 X59.463Y23.253
G1 X60.348Y23.289
G1 X61.232Y23.345
G1 X62.115Y23.42
G1 X62.997Y23.515
G1 X63.877Y23.63
G1 X64.755Y23.765
G1 X65.222Y23.843
G1 X65.562Y23.912
G1 X65.611
G0 Y23.923
G1 X65.66
G1 X65.685Y23.936
G1 X65.709
G1 X65.757Y23.953
G1 X65.806Y23.965
G1 X65.855Y23.976
G1 X65.903Y23.987
G1 X65.952Y23.999
G1 X66.001Y24.01
G1 X66.049Y24.022
G1 X66.144Y24.044
G1 X66.6Y24.166
G1 X67.052Y24.303
G1 X67.499Y24.454
G1 X67.941Y24.62
G1 X68.378Y24.799
G1 X69.046Y25.147
G1 X69.516Y25.445
G1 X69.959Y25.778
G1 X70.373Y26.143
G1 X70.757Y26.539
G1 X71.108Y26.963
G1 X71.426Y27.415
G1 X71.708Y27.891
G1 X71.953Y28.391
G1 X72.105Y28.71
G1 X72.429Y29.431
G1 X72.773Y30.245
G1 X73.129Y31.131
G1 X73.49Y32.07
G1 X73.845Y33.042
G1 X74.189Y34.025
G1 X74.547Y35.072
G1 X74.747Y35.64
G1 X74.909Y36.113
G1 X75.102Y36.574
G1 X75.324Y37.021
G1 X75.577Y37.453
G1 X75.777Y37.713
G1 X76.004Y37.945
G1 X76.255Y38.148
G1 X76.527Y38.32
G1 X76.817Y38.459
G1 X77.122Y38.564
G1 X77.439Y38.633
G1 X77.766Y38.664
G1 X77.983Y38.677
G1 X78.197
G1 X78.41Y38.654
G1 X78.618Y38.62
G1 X78.823Y38.571
G1 X79.023Y38.507
G1 X79.218Y38.429
G1 X79.406Y38.337
G1 X79.587Y38.232
G1 X79.76Y38.115
G1 X79.925Y37.984
G1 X80.08Y37.842
G1 X80.225Y37.688
G1 X80.36Y37.523
G1 X80.482Y37.346
G1 X80.593Y37.16
G1 X80.756Y36.852
G1 X80.902Y36.536
G1 X81.012Y36.278
G1 X81.309Y35.496
G1 X81.593Y34.71
G1 X81.864Y33.92
G1 X82.122Y33.125
G1 X82.432Y32.235
G1 X82.741Y31.379
G1 S0
; return to user-defined finish pos
G0 X0 Y0

Is there a specific reason you’ve done this? If not, I suggest you switch this back, both values to 1000.

Once you do so, can you use the Fire button in Move window and confirm you are able to modulate the power of your laser? Meaning that you can go from basically off to much brighter by increasing the power %.

I did change my $30 back to 1000 in both locations and restarted Lightburn. I have a scrap piece of baswood in the area right now.
I started at 20%, clicked “Fire”, let sit in place for 10 seconds then moved “X” 10mm and reduced down to 3% and flipped power switch after 10 seconds.

So with the process above, I would say Yes, the laser does change power levels when using the “Fire” Button. I do have to turn the laser off by flipping the physical controller power switch.

Also I was trying to see if $30 changes would help at all. I was trying to troubleshoot myself and wasnt sure if that would help. I thought I read on one of the forum posts that adjusting $30 could allow the start and stop of the laser when crossing “no cut” zones. I am a complete noob at this, but in the last few days have felt like I fixed a bunch of my issues, but not the cutting through no cut areas.

This is a little confusing. If you start at 0% power and gradually increase power, does the laser light get increasingly brighter? You should be able to do this without movement or any other change, just by pushing up on the power level button. Please confirm.

I interpret this to mean that in order to turn the laser off after firing that you can only get the laser to turn off completely by physically powering the machine off?

If so, you likely have one of the following scenarios:

  1. Faulty hardware. Likely either the controller or laser module is not behaving properly.
  2. Something miswired. I think this is less likely. Do you have any customizations to your hardware configuration or is this all stock hardware. You don’t specifically mention the laser module type. Is it made for the Falcon or is this generic?
  3. Corrupt or incompatible firmware. Is the firmware that you’ve used specific to your machine? If not, it’s possible the firmware is misbehaving.

I figured/thought you had to move and fire. So I started at 0 and went up to 20 and I could see the slight difference. So It does seem to be adjusting when I increase use the Fire button.


  1. It is Creality, so It wouldn’t surprise me.
  2. It is Stock, except for I did do a Firmware update.
  3. The firmware I grabbed it from this CV-Laser Module - Creality 3D the 3/8/23 dated

It being a slight difference is somewhat worrisome. The difference should be quite dramatic between 0 and 20%. But it sounds like it’s working in basic.

Are you absolutely certain this is the correct firmware for your laser module? I’ve never seen another laser module accept firmware upgrades.

Have you looked at firmware updates for the controller?

Do you have a voltmeter and are familiar with how to use it?

I can step my manual fire power up in 0.25% steps and from 0 to about 3%, every step (0.25%) is clearly visible. 0 is off (or not visible), 0.25 is clearly visible in a normally lighted room, but dim. 0.50 is brighter still, etc. I normally frame at 0.5 to 1.0%. Above about 3% it just starts burning if I don’t move the head and is too bright to clearly see the steps.

22W quad diode.

Nice. I tried this morning to do fill mocking jay and had it set to 3000mm/m and 30% and verified the Z height per the black aluminum stair gauge thing, and it went straight through it. I called amazon since they have a 90 day tech support and they said how would you like your refund! I bought a Ortur LM3 10w. I watched a few videos and reviews this morning and i pulled out my Aufero 1.5w lu2-2 little laser and other than cutting it did everything perfect that i asked it to do in Lightburn! Thats what made me choose an Ortur over some other’s. Plus I found some deals!

Thanks for all the help everyone!!

Thanks for the guidance. After your last posting the other day, I went on creality’s site again and tried to flash a few different firmware updates. I know your not suppose to do this but i really did not like the laser always being on with the CV-30 firmware I found. More or less, after each flashing, if the laser was on i moved on to the next one. After that and still burning a fill job, i called Amazon since I saw it had a 90 tech support with this purchase and when i asked them for firmware since Creality’s site stinks, they asked me how i wanted my refund and to send the laser back. So after i moved my 3d printer chaise out of the enclosure, i moved my little Aufero LU2-2 in there and it preformed how i expected… PERFECT! So i ordered a Ortur LM3 10W or a real laser setup, not some jerryrigged thing like i was making.

I appreciate your help and your comments led me to this instead of trying to troubleshoot and possible being stuck with a busted unit. It seems this unit should be right up my alley and allows for some upgrading after i sell a few things!

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