Problem Engrawing on lines

hello. i have a problem. my laser isn`t cutting on the lines he suposed to. look at the photo. whats the problem. he get lost, and do what he wants.

it started ok. but then ,…

I’d say it’s a mechanical problem and anything is loose or loose.
See how the belts and pulleys are, if the belts are tense and the pulleys are tight to the shaft.

thanks, but if i cut only one shape its ok, but if i try more then i get to that problem.

That’s strange, but is the shape on the same file or different files?
Those shapes use same speed settings?

yes it is LINE, speed and % POWER, is same , by all the shapes.
when i come home i will check like you said. the mechanical stuff.

This looks like a licensing problem:

I am uncertain. :slight_smile:

Please capture your screen and share it so we can see what you were attempting.

Please drag and drop a screen capture into the reply box here.

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