2 questions, 'table grids' as well as 'test patterns',

Hello there. In the process of still attempting to set up our laser (some are familiar with my setup issues) I’ve seen a number of times where people have a ‘complete grid’ of their workspace mapped out with coordinates. x and y coordinates with a very large X going from corner to corner. So, DOES this have an actual name, and also, is this sort of thing already located somewhere here for our machine to burn into whatever we’re using as a base? (We’re using a piece of gyproc. Simple, cheap, and easily replaceable for minimal cost. And other than the paper covering, gypsum don’t burn.

Secondly, ‘test patterns’. I’ve seen pictures on My Lady’s fakebook page of a few folks that have done ‘tests’ on different materials. A sequence of circles and lines and such. I’m thinking that if we too were to do this, then we could keep a ‘sample’ of each material handy. This way, we can have an ACTUAL reference as to what we’ll get out of our designs. Less ‘hit-and-miss’ with this technique. So, again, is there an actual ‘industry term’ for this, and do we have an actual ‘place’ here where such can be found? I gotta ask, because I simply don’t know. Thanks for the assist, and Happy New Year!

Did I ask this the wrong way, or something? Is this ok, or should it be two separate ‘threads’ here? Believe it or not, I’m actually trying to ‘not’ clutter this place up with my ineptitude.


Nobody has nothing to add? I honestly thought someone would say something! To say I’m surprised is an understatement. Hence why I asked above, ‘did I ask something wrong’?

Nothing wrong, you are fine. I think the issue maybe that these subjects have been discussed many times and in great detail here in this forum. Search is your friend. :slight_smile:

Here are a few resources to help you get going.


For the workspace markings on your gyproc markings, I’d try search here on the forum to find “waste board grid”. If you are not finding, just ping back and let us know. :slight_smile:

Rick, thank you. Truly.

I don’t know where those threads were hidden, as I had looked around for something ‘obvious’ and whatnot. I figured for sure something like this/these would be ‘stickied’ at the top/front or something.

I’ve read the threads you’ve listed above, and I’ve watched/am watching the videos while I make a ‘test pattern’ for ourselves. At the moment, I’m still researching more about ‘speed variations’ as well as speed ‘upper and lower limits’ for our device.

The table grid will be my next project. I’m constructing an extraction fan, enclosure, and air-assist all into one location. With a camera to watch it all, at the same time.

I’m gonna be a laserologist yet!

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Rick, if I can ask, is there a method/manner in which a person could create a test ‘line’ in which at one end it starts at 5% then over the course of an inch(25.4mm) it ramps up to 90%?

In creating ‘test grids’ instead of multiple boxes/squares/other shapes, when all we’re looking for is the ‘ability’ of the laser, it just seems to me that a gradual and controlled increase in power on a continuous line would be the most efficient and productive manner.
And the ‘use time’ of the laser would be greatly decreased.
When I said ‘line’ above, I truly meant it as just a ‘line’ on the material to be tested. If this is possible, then I’d do it in probably 3 lines:

Your thoughts? Anyone else’s thoughts? Am I on to something here, and it can be easily done by just clicking ‘this…’ or am I out-to-lunch?

Thank you for your assistance.

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