My new OMT-CO2 Laser Machine

Hi Friends, I ordered a new laser machine yesterday and would like to keep you a little informed about the process itself. I myself have been very interested in some of your new purchases and your overall experience in your machines itself but also in the trading process.

I bought and paid this OMT 60 Watt, 400x600mm, through, - because - the machine is delivered from Germany which is the closest country to DK.
Upon payment of the order, I received an error message from Amazon that the payment could not be completed. But at the same time I could see that my bank has reserved / approved the payment.
I tried to get in touch with Amzon but only got a chat robot to communicate with who could not understand anything, very frustrating and negative experience.
My bank will only cancel the money transfer if they received an acceptance from the supplier … Therefore, I canceled the entire order.
OMT wrote very quickly that they were sad about the process, but that it was not their fault and that the machine was sent and is on its way. If I do not want the machine I have to send it back but have to pay for return myself, OMT will come with a compensation for inconvenience.
I am very surprised and became even more so when I now also received an email from Amazon that the machine is on its way.
What a mess !!!
I wrote to OMT, thanked them for their fast service and wrote that of course I would like to have this machine.
Regarding Amazon, - the error message on my order page regarding errors in payment is still there !!! i’m disappointed with their service level and the lack of contact options beyond a f… robot. I very much hope that I do not need their help in connection with my new machine.

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Hopefully it’s congrats!

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Thanks for the chronicle. It seems as if OMT has been fairly responsive.

Amazon, on the other hand, is beginning to fray at the edges. It seems as if they have broken their previously useful website by adding a whole lot of fat - featured products, additional tracking links, and who know what else. My browser often times out on the simplest clicks due to all the extra crap. AND, because of their favoring ‘featured’ products over exact matches, their search engine has become almost useless. I now find that, if I want to effectively search Amazon for something, I use a Google search. It is much more direct.

PS: Sorry for the rant, you’ve hit a particular sore spot for me :flushed:

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Search around the site (Amazon) and you will find a phone number eventually. I had to do that myself a couple of times. You can also search the web and see if you can find a phone number to reach a real person in your part of the world.

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Thanks for that, but right now I just hope I do not have to get in touch with them and that my machine comes without further obstacles.


It’s unethical, but in the USA if you receive something you didn’t order, and you cancelled the order, you can keep the machine without paying. Like I said, unethical.

I had lots of problems from them including delivery. Communication etc.

Nice machine, the price is right (free!).

Just remember to go with a 6" inline duct fan. I had already ordered a 4" duct fan, changed mind on machine and suffered for it. Don’t be like me.

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Willie, so bad it is not anyway, the problem was, as I think, that Amazon could not see that the money had gone in with them (or OMT) and therefore signed the deal as not implemented. On my Amazon account page, the order is still a “problem” even though I have received an email from them that the machine has been sent.

By the way, how are you doing with your activated carbon filter? have you been able to gather experiences?

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If someone has the same machine, how high should I make the chassis for the machine? thanks

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I have lots of orders like that that show as a “problem” or "not delivered even though there was no problem and the items were delivered.

Carbon filter… One step forward and two steps back!

I ordered the 6" version with 424 CFM flow. BIG Difference. I sketched up a new and permanent filter box, one that will attach to the side of the machine directly to the exhaust port. The 4" inline fan and filter which I ordered for a smaller machine are not enough to keep up with the now focused laser.

Problem: We hired someone to take over our operations for the next couple of months and he needed a laptop. So I wiped and setup the laptop I was using for LightBurn. So now I need either the bridge or another solution as ethernet isn’t working. Kind of tinkering with solutions right now or might buy a laptop. But we leave soon so maybe I might hold off on things until we get back. No sense buying a new laptop if he doesn’t work out.

My chassis from floor to bottom of machine is 280mm. Thats if you took the wheels off the machine and installed them on the bottom. The height of the chassis no wheels would be 228mm, once you install wheels it would be the same height. Hope I explained that properly, the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet and I’m multitasking.

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I don’t like to bend over to work. To the bottom of my machine is 600mm and 1200mm to the top. The extra on the side is where my chiller lives.

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Right now I have 95 cm up to my machine bet, if you measure for yours (average), how high is it for that?

My bed height is roughly 97cm

Thank you, it sounds like we are equal in height :wink:

I also got a different inline blower than most.


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I have been given an external industrial ventilation with a similar control as the one you have, it has already been crossed out on the list :wink:


I saw that one but the reviews are terrible and here in Colorado there are a lot of legal grow operations. I asked and they all recommended a different one.

They’re all within a few CFM for the most part so it really doesn’t matter.

I like this. Are you worried about the machine sliding off the platform? I assume the wheels have locks to prevent movement and you’ve engaged them, but still. Did you think about unscrewing the wheels entirely and having the machine sit directly on the platform? Just curious, as I like the idea here.

@raykholo, The machine is actually not sitting on the wheels. It has permanent feet that screw down and give it a solid platform. Also dubs as a leveling device :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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