The endless quest for rotary engraving on Ruida 6445g

I’m trying to rotary engrave on a Ruida 6445g machine and continue running into the same bug with consistency.

I enable rotary engraving through the control panel settings, I draw something simple in Lightburn, send it to the machine, then open the file and press play from the control panel. The U-axis then moves for a little while, then the X and Y axes make a rapid move off to the left and the machine stops with a frame slop warning. The laser never fires. The control panel also never animates the motion of the laser head the way it does in a non-rotary operation. Here’s a video.

The fact that the Y-axis would even move during this operation tells me this is a bug and not just user error. Have others had this issue? Any suggestions to fix it?

I’m running firmware version 15.01.22 from LightObject.

This is what works for me with V15.01.22 and the rotary connected to the U axis.

  1. Enable rotary in Lightburn
  2. Use ‘Start from current position’ in Lightburn
  3. Jog x and y on the Ruida to move the laser to the required starting point on the work
  4. Press ‘Origin’ button on Ruida
  5. Send job from Lightburn to Ruida
  6. Run job by pressing start button on Ruida.

Step 4 is the key to success.


Wow it seems like Step 4 was the magic I was missing. Thank you!

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